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This section of PsychonautWiki is dedicated to providing a catalog of written personal experiences involving hallucinogens or other psychoactive substances. It is organized so as to link each report with its relevant subjective effects (for future projects utilizing large-scale data analysis).


Submit an experience report:

To create a new report, you may either email it to us at team@psychonaut.wiki or submit a title into the box below, copy and paste the text from the experience report template, and modify it using the guidelines below. The title should be formatted as "SubstanceName (Dose, Route of Administration) - Short descriptive title"

Note: Please do not directly add links to your finished report to individual substance articles. They are designed to display automatically after the report has been approved and finalized by an administrator.



Main article: Guidelines

To do the best of your ability, please try to:

  • Format the report according to this template. The title should be "Experience: Dosage SubstanceName (Route of Administration) - Short Descriptive Title" and submit it under the appropriate substance section.
  • Include as much detail as possible (to the extent you feel comfortable sharing). This should include the substance taken, dose and route of administration, the set and setting, the range of effects experienced, or the plots of any specific hallucinations that may have occurred. Also try to include the age, sex, weight, and experience level of the user.
  • Focus on reporting the psychoactive and other effects of the substance itself instead of activities undertaken during the experience.
  • Follow the relevant terminologies listed in the Subjective Effect Index. This allows the community to document its experiences in a way that is understandable and self-consistent.
  • Keep grammar and spelling to a reasonable standard.
  • For additional information, consider reading the Qualia Research Institute's Guide to Writing Rigorous Reports of Exotic States of Consciousness.

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