Experience:MXE: 37.5 mg - Calm and Cloudy Bliss

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Experience reports - MXE

  • Date: 27/5/2015
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 77 kg / 170 lbs.
  • Age: 18
  • Note: During time of MXE administration, subject was currently taking 150 mg Sertraline and 150 mg Wellbutrin daily (prescription)



MXE was my introduction to the world of dissociatives. Prior to this experience, I had done small doses of LSD (under 100 micrograms), Adderall, and benzos, among others. I've never done any "hard" drugs, and only have about one year of experience with any kind of psychoactive substance. I am a fairly frequent (almost daily) user of kratom. At the time of this experience, I was taking 150 mg of Zoloft and 150 mg Wellbutrin XR daily (prescribed) for depression and anxiety. From what I have found searching on the internet, MXE should not significantly interfere with SSRIs, because it mostly acts on Norepinephrine and Dopamine receptors, and is only a minor SRI. Either way, I have had no serotonin problems in my experiences.

The MXE was aquired from an online source, which was fairly difficult to find even though it is legal in the United States, bar the Analog Act than never seems to be enforced anyways. In the two weeks leading up to this experience, I had taken a few smaller doses of MXE (<15 mg) every few days to get a feel for the substance, experimenting with microdosing, etc. There was one night when I took 31.25 mg over the course of a few hours, most of it insufflated, but the effects were not very pronounced. This led me to stick to sublingual administration of the substance.

I'm fairly relaxed, sitting in my room on my computer just watching a show on Netflix. I'm pretty excited and optimistic about the MXE I'm about to take.


6:50 - Placed 25 mg MXE under my tongue to dissolve. Some of the taste eventually reached my taste buds, and it tasted bitter, but not terribly.

7:02 - Washed it all down.

7:05 - I seem to feel a kind of warm sensation throughout my body.

7:12 - Still feel clear-headed, I can feel a significant body high at the moment (a nice "warm" feeling.)

7:19 - It seems like my blood pressure is higher than normal, which I noticed the other times taking MXE.

7:29 - I can feel a sort of tingling in my extremities. Head feels somewhat cloudy, there is a sense of euphoria and comfortability just lying down in bed. Not feeling too tired at the moment.

7:36 - My fingers feel slightly numb. Getting up and walking isn't difficult, it just feels a little strange because of the numbness, etc.

7:46 - I don't feel necessarily dissociated, but I do feel like there is somewhat less imput coming into my brain from the rest of my body. Thinking is mostly clear but things just feel sort of "slow," it's hard to describe. It's like my nerve impulses are passing through a jar of molasses.

7:54 - In terms of bodily sensations, my whole body feels sort of light and "floaty." Walking around feels interesting, motor skills are slightly muffled but walking isn't difficult.

8:00 - I laid down in the dark to listen to music, and closed my eyes. There is a definite enhancement in how the music sounds. Almost as if there is another dimesion to it. I feel like I am part of the music. It seemed like there were some mild closed eye visuals, like blue waves coming and going. When my eyes were closed, I felt like I was actually looking into some kind of vast pitch black room. Not that I could actually see anything, bit I definitely felt that closing my eyes put me in a different headspace.

8:18 - Getting up and walking to my computer felt pretty spacey and different. My head feels pretty cloudy, but I can still think well. There is still a body high present, slight headache.

8:20 - Comfortable with these effects, I took an additional half of a pill (12.5 mg) and placed it under my tongue. My body still feels floaty and somewhat numb.

8:31 - The numbness effect seems to be somewhat increasing, the feeling of warmth is still there.

8:37 - Swallowed the rest of the 12.5 mg that I was taking sublingually. This makes a total administration of 37.5 mg MXE sublingually over a roughly 2 hour period.

8:50 - Walking around was more difficult now. I feel more numbed and my senses more "dulled." Thinking is a little bit impaired at this point, but not to a major extent.

9:04 - Dissociative feelings seem more pronounced, sometimes making it hard to perform tasks. I took 60 mg of pseudoephedrine to help with a sinus headache I have.

9:07 - I'm listening to migraine relief binaural beats, and it feels like my whole body is subtly vibrating at the frequency of the sounds being played.

9:14 - I think this is the most dissociated I have ever felt, feeling like the things around me aren't actually "real." It's hard to describe. I'm still in control of my body, but I feel detached from it. There's a feeling of lightheadedness, and a tendency to laugh at things. Pretty enjoyable.

9:24 - Not sure if I have peaked yet, but the effects have become more intense. More dissociated, fairly erratic thought patterns, a nice warm tingly feeling.

9:27 - There is a significant amount of euphoria. I am currently wearing headphones and they feel just as much a part of my body as my hands or feet. Weird.

9:37 - It's hard to visually focus on certain objects because of the dissociation. I have a pleasant feeling that "everything is going to be alright."

9:57 - As far as hallucinations go, things kind of seem crooked when i glance at them, and it's hard to focus, but that's about it.

10:00 - Walked to the bathroom, and it felt very strange. It's not like I had loss of motor control, just the fact that I felt dissociated was weird. That was probably the most I've peed in my life.

10:40 - I think I'm beginning to come down, I feel less dissociated and a little more clearheaded.

10:50 - Feeling very relaxed, there is some pain in my head and neck though.

11:00 - Ingested ~3.0 g of Red Vein Borneo kratom.

11:21 - Feeling a lot more clearheaded now.

(Into the next day 5/28/2015)

12:05 am - Just watching a movie. This is probably the most content/relaxed/peaceful I've felt in a long time.

2:00 am - Still awake, but mostly just because I feel like being up, not because I feel restless or anything. There are no negative after-effects present, just a very pleasant after-glow. I don't feel at all dissociated or disoriented anymore, just relaxed and comfortable.


It seems like abstaining from MXE for about 3 days significantly lowered my tolerance, thus increasing the effects. This particular experience was by far the most I've been affected by the drug, even though I had taken almost as much three days before this experience (part of the dose was insufflated, which could have something to do with it.) Sublingual seems to be the most effective and potent ROA and seems to last fairly long. During the peak of the trip, I did not feel like lying down and listening to music, rather I just felt like watching movies. If I had lied down at the peak, I'm guessing that I would have been able to get some form of closed eye visuals, at least more pronounced than the subtle ones earlier in the trip. Overall I would rate this 8.5/10 on a scale of enjoyability, the only (subjective) negatives being some lightheadedness and headache.

MXE is a unique substance that has grown to be one of my favorites due to its relaxing nature and antidepressant/anxiolytic properties. I have yet to try it at a large enough dose to induce true dissociation, but I look forward to that day.

Submitted by - Micahjahns

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