Experience:25mg 2C-B - Hard raving at home

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Experience reports - 2C-B

  • Date: 25th April 2020
  • Age: 22
  • Gender/sex: Male
  • Height: 172 cm / 5'7"
  • Weight: 65 kg /143 lbs
  • Background information: I had a light afternoon bake, spending most of the day resting. I hadn't eaten for around 4 hours before dosing


20:00 - took the 2C-B pill at 8PM on the dot.

20:30 - no effects yet.

20:45 - onset, starting to feel slightly nauseous and jittery as expected, with a slight pounding heart rate noticeable.

21:00 - Feeling more giggly and the walls/floors are slowly starting to move around. The nausea slowly begins to fade from now to 21:10

21:10 - Tracers and texture repetition are starting to become more apparent on the floor, and typing has become a bit harder due to increased sensitivity to touch.

21:20 - The stimulation is strong, and I ended up dancing to some Bonkers hardcore.

21:50 - Affter hitting 1 nitrous whippt the visuals and flashes get sent into overdrive, putting me in a trance for around 1 minute before continuing to headbang. It felt physically uncomfortable to stop to do anything as my hands had become shaky, making me unable to type to others

23:30 - Nothing has changed from 21:50 apart from 2 more hits of nitrous. During the entire experience, I felt a slight change in my sense of self associated my dancing and music choice which I seemed to enjoy throughout the trip.

00:00 - Had a shower and smoke to come down from the physically taxing trip, bringing back some of the giggles while watching some light cartoons into the night.

Submitted by Mattyboi

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