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Experience reports - 4-AcO-DMT


I had several friends round for my 18th birthday, although at the time I was currently 17 as it was an early party. We had been drinking from around 6 O’clock but I drink cider, and I drink it so slowly that I may as well be sipping water as I do not feel drunk at all. I have always been wanting to try different drugs that I discover here on psychonaut. I had 10 25mg 4-AcO-DMT gel tabs. Around 7:50 my friends take half a tab each or roughly 12.5mg of 4-Aco. My mum knew that my friends did drugs but she did not know that I did. I had intended to wait until midnight as I knew my mum would be home at 10:30, but I caved and decided to drop at 8 pm. I dropped a whole tab.

I continued to drink and around 9 pm I started to come up. I don’t really remember what the come up was like but I remember at around 10 O’clock I felt extremely relaxed, maybe even ‘monged out’. At first, I thought some decorations I had were breathing but I realized it was the air purifier I had one; all my friends were smoking and I had a family meal the next morning with the other half of my family so I didn’t want my clothes to smell of weed. I don’t know if the weed in the room altered the trip although I did feel somewhat stoned from the second-hand smoke. 4-AcO felt extremely like acid but slightly different. I was getting tracers and all the similar visual distortions associated with acid, if I didn’t know what I had taken I would claim it to be LSD. Also, I should note that I had a 27mg Ritalin around 7 am but that should have worn off and not affected the trip.

Around 10:30 my mum comes home and instantly notices I’m under the influence but she didn’t seem affected by it. Around 12 am my friends and I decided to drop a pill, “white Moncler”. My friends used to exclusively do pills every weekend from March 2017 up until July where we moved onto psychedelics. I remember one of my friends claiming that they had reached their limit as they had drunk copious amounts of wine as well as a half tab and then proceeded to do a key of coke, I chuckled. Around this time, he and several others leave the house and steal a candy-cane Christmas decoration from one of the neighbors, I had decided to remain because I was waiting for some of my several female friends to arrive.

At 12:30 my friends return and the female friends arrive, I offer them some gel tabs which had been in my coat the whole time and had melted into one massive blob. They then nickname 4-AcO “gooey stuff”. At 1 am I start to feel the pill, the next 3 hours are spent trying to not pass out and continuously sweat, I did not enjoy the pill and did not feel in love; never again will I do pills. I’m unsure when but we start to watch films on Netflix as the party had seriously died die, many people had left as they have work or gone to bed. In the end, there was 5 of us watching horror films. The first was “It Follows”, all of us being on “gooey stuff” could not take anything seriously. To explain the film from our twisted viewpoint was that chlamydia was trying to kill people and you had to give chlamydia to other people or it would kill you. The film had if I remember correctly 97% on rotten tomatoes but we all agreed it was awful.

Around 3 am I start to come down and we begin to watch sharknado 2. Like the previous film, we tore it apart. Around 5 am I decided to finish off the rest of the 4-AcO and begin to start tripping again. This is where my memory becomes a bit hazy, all I remember was that I didn’t enjoy human centipede and that some film about Worms wasn’t enjoyable either. Everyone went home around 9 am except for three of my friends who had agreed to come to my family meal with me. We went to a local restaurant at 12 pm and I was still tripping a tiny bit in front of my dad and grandparents. I finally got home after the meal around 5 and I fell asleep until 8 pm. I went back to bed and woke up at 1 pm the next day.

One strange thing I have noticed is that many personal problems no longer present any pain for me, I no longer feel emotional pain. I don’t know if this is permanent or if this is only for things in the past, will I ever feel pain again? I’m unsure how to feel about that although I suppose some people will see this as a good thing. In conclusion, unless you want to do 4-AcO to cross it off the list I would just do acid instead. I don’t know if my lack of emotional pain caused by the 4-AcO is reproducible or not, but I do not recommend taking 100mg. Some people have detailed amazing hallucinations and color changing on 25mg but this just did not happen for me. Sorry if my details are lacking, I have a bad memory and have never done a trip report before, there really isn’t much to say except it was like acid. Some effects I felt were:

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