Experience:Unknown dosage / 1 tab DOC - Psychedelia Turned Into Stimulant Psychosis

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Experience reports - DOC

  • Date: Summer 2012
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 47kg / 100lbs
  • Age: 16
  • Background: I am very sensitive to stimulants. I did little research regarding DOC and dosed on it simply because it was one of Shulgin's chemicals. This was a dumb decision. I obtained the single tab of DOC from a reputable friend that advised me that it would be a good dose. I knew the duration was long, but I did not know what I was in for. I had experience with 2C-E, 2C-B, 2C-I, LSD, 4-AcO-DMT, DMT, mushrooms, and 25I-NBOMe so I thought I could handle this psychedelic compound. Evidently, I could not.


The trip can be broken up into distinct stages. This happened years ago but is in my mind clearly so this will be an atypical experience report in style.

First stage

Upon dosing, it took about an hour for the DOC to fully come up. I dosed in the morning and decided to walk around my neighborhood and hang out in a local park. The visual enhancements were beautiful and I remember thinking it felt like a mix of LSD and amphetamine. For this part of the trip I was energetic, euphoric, and experienced a body load that was heavier than LSD but manageable due to the stimulating and motivating effects of the drug. I spent this time walking around my home town and eventually ended up hanging out with my then-boyfriend, who was sober and was interested in the effects of the drug.

Second stage

After frolicking around and having a good time, I noticed a marked decrease in the positive psychedelic effects listed above around the 12 hour mark. This is where my trip took a somewhat sinister turn. It was nightfall, and I thought that perhaps the change in lighting was diminishing the positive and intricate visual effects I was experiencing before. Around the 16 hour mark, things became hellish; I was at my then-boyfriend's house, trying to sleep, and started having visuals that were very reminiscent of sleep deprivation or stimulant psychosis but were much more detailed due to the psychedelic effects of the drug.

I will describe a few of these experiences in detail to get the point across of how hellish this drug can be after an extended period of time.

  • Around the 18 hour mark, I was laying in bed, with an open closet to my right. The closet had horizontal shelves that were mostly empty. I turned to face the closet and saw an autonomous entity staring back at me, laying how i was horizontally in the shelves. This entity was white, had porous skin, had large eyes and a small nose and mouth slit reminiscent of the classic description of "the grays" and aliens, and it simply stared back at me. I was experiencing olfactory hallucinations because this creature smelled of mold. Terrified but somehow calm and aware that this was an external hallucination, I asked my then-boyfriend to close the closet door and as he did the entity was covered by the door. Somehow, I got the sense that it was still there, watching me, but simply unseen. This event creeped me out and I called my mother to take me home to my room.
  • Around 20 hours after dosing, on the walk to where my mother would pick me up, I almost ran into a spider. I am extremely arachnophobic but after seeing the autonomous entity I doubted my own sanity and adopted a method of not reacting to my 'hallucinations'. I saw a large spider in a web and simply assumed it was not real and almost walked right into it, thank god I was pulled away from it by my sober trip sitter. This event is important because it shows that I had no faith in what I was seeing and the external hallucinations I was experiencing were as detailed as real life objects and things.
  • Around 20 hours after dosing, on the drive home, the shadow people started to make their appearance. At first, they would appear in my peripheral vision along the side of the road. Lamp posts in particular would transform into shadow people and eventually the sidewalks of the street were swarmed with these autonomous entities. This was absolutely terrifying as I have a phobia of shadow people and they creep me the fuck out while sober, much more so on the comedown of a psychedelic stimulant drug. I was in the car with my mother and had to keep my cool. I told her I had eaten some mushrooms and just needed to go to bed as soon as possible. I was able to stare directly at the shadow people along the road as the car passed through them in the night. I was paranoid that they would appear in my house as well and unfortunately I was right.
  • Around the 24 hour mark, the most terrifying experience of my life took place. I was in my room, had all the lights on, was curled up in a sitting fetal position on my bed, watching shadow people roam around. I noticed a severe increased heart rate and increased blood pressure due to the terror involved with this experience. Eventually, and unfortunately, the shadow people took an interest in me. They circled me in a ring and began to whisper at me. When I did not respond to these auditory hallucinations, they began to perform tactile hallucinations and began pulling at my hair and clothes. I wanted to look away but was terrified of what they would do if I looked away, so I simply watched 5 or 6 shadow people fuck with me for what seemed like a lifetime. At this point I knew this was psychedelic enhanced sleep deprivation and knew that I needed some sleep, but I was paradoxically too scared to close my eyes. I feared for my sanity. Luckily, I found my sennheiser headphones and put on an incredible intricate rap album called The Ziggurat by The Constructs Corporation. This south African rap was intricate enough to get me to close my eyes and focus on the music. I experienced closed eye visuals that were wonderfully detailed and with this album playing I was lulled into sleep. Without this aid, I think I would have lost my mind.


If you have problems with sleep deprivation, psychosis, or any other underlying mental illness I would not recommend this drug. If one insists on taking this drug, make sure you have a benzodiazepine or other sedative to abort the trip before shit gets spooky, because trust me - shit will get spooky.

Effects analysis

First stage

Second stage