Experience:25mg - A labyrinth of organs and a storybook walk

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Experience reports - 4-AcO-DMT

  • Date: October 29, 2016
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 81 kg / 180 lbs
  • Age: 18


Me and my best friend are 18, the antisocial nerdy type. We smoked weed together twice last summer, and more recently we started to become interested in psychedelics. After doing our research, we ordered 100mg of 4-aco-dmt and a couple weeks later we met at his house to give it a try. We began with a threshold dose of ~5mg each, as an allergy test. I hardly felt anything, but he described prickly and ticklish sensations, acted goofy and fixated on details of his surroundings. Evidently he was more sensitive to it than me. We decided I would take 25 mg and he would take 15.

Preparing for the trip, we mixed the powder into some warm water, cleaned up the room, and made a playlist of trippy videos. We decided that I would take my dose first, so he would be sober if something went wrong. I drank my share at 7:45, and curled up on the bed. By 8:15 I felt warmth and numbness throughout my body. At 8:33 the air from the ceiling fan began to tickle me all over, and I felt really giddy. Soon after it began to seem vaguely like the objects in my peripheral vision were creatures and faces, and my mind felt like it was broadening. The proper trip began fairly suddenly.

We were watching psychedelic music videos when I was overcome with amazement and reverence for the community of people who made them. It felt like I was entering the source material, and I finally understood what these people were trying to convey. I was awestruck by a world of endless possibilities I never knew existed. My friend took his dose about an hour and a half after me, but as I entered the deepest part of my trip I couldn't focus on him. I was immersed in the music and visuals, and when I closed my eyes I felt like I was swimming through a formless but wonderful place, like a swirling gaseous planet. Everything felt jiggly and bouncy, as if I was surrounded by moving water balloons, the nonsense word "jubbly" came to mind. Eventually, I realized my friend was uncomfortable and a I gave him a turn on the bed.

As I laid with pillows and blankets on the floor, my insides felt like they were churning. When I closed my eyes it felt like I was soaring through my own body, which felt like a network of visceral, underground tunnels. I fixated on the ideas of dirt and flesh, my hands looked like morphing blobs of clay. The churning sensation drove me to go to the restroom, even though I didn't actually have to. In the mirror and on the toilet, my body felt earthy, like I had lived in nature all my life.

Eventually, me and my friend got antsy and decided to take a walk. Everything looked like classic Disney, the trees, the houses, even my friend's face. My friend said it felt like a different neighborhood. He looked up at the stars and froze up, he almost fell back in wonder. (Afterwards, he told me this was the peak of his experience, he felt like his brain activity went off the charts and it felt like his soul was rising from his body). He got a bit scared, grabbed my hand, and we hurried back to his house. We went through an alleyway and everything seemed too far apart. When we got to his driveway, he was amazed by his car, remarking at how beautiful it looked. he wanted to sit on the porch for a while, but I felt out of place, so we went inside.

We ate some Doritos, which were incredibly vivid in taste, texture, and crunch. The experience was borderline synesthesia. After that, we played with his cat. The cat was adorable and we felt very strong empathy with it. We toyed with the idea of giving the cat a bit of the drug, but decided that it was his body, and that he was perfectly happy as is. As my trip faded, we engaged in deep conversation. My friend talked about his darkest dreams and experiences, and I talked about how those didn't define him, and how people aren't pure or impure, and the best thing they can do is to accept themselves and others. By 1:45 AM, we both felt somewhat dazed and restless, so we each took a couple melatonin, and went to sleep around 2 am.

Submitted by - Marsh7579

Effects analysis

In chronological order

  • Laughter - "Throughout the comeup, the videos we were watching seemed much funnier than usual."
  • Pattern recognition enhancement - "During the comeup, objects in my peripheral vision seemed vaguely like faces or animals"
  • Tactile enhancement - "During the onset wind from a nearby fan tickled me all over"
  • Physical euphoria - "As the warmth and tickles built, and I reached the peak, I was overcome with comfortable and pleasant sensation"
  • Cognitive euphoria - "Feelings of wonder and admiration for the psychonaut community"
  • Sedation - "During the peak, I wanted to lay down and close my eyes"
  • Empathy, love, and sociability enhancement - "Deep bonding with my friend, feelings of acceptance and empathy towards all life"
  • Changes in felt bodily form - "While I was sprawled out during the peak, I lost awareness of the space my body was taking up"
  • Nausea - "Not exactly nausea, but I felt a strange churning sensation for the majority of my trip. It wasn't necessarily uncomfortable or comfortable"
  • Decreased libido - "The thought of sex was strange and fascinating, rather than enticing"
  • Stimulation - "After the peak, I felt heightened energy and wanted to go on a walk"
  • Spatial disorientation - "While we were on our walk, I had to be careful not to get lost, and the alleyways felt expansive and wide"
  • Novelty enhancement - "During the walk, everything seemed exciting and new, like I was a kid"
  • Scenarios and plots - "The walk seemed straight out of a storybook, including seemingly illustrated visuals and a build of engagement and tension similar to the rising action of a story"
  • Brightness alteration - "Despite our walk occurring mainly at night, things seemed fairly bright and colorful"
  • Thought loops - "A looping playlist of trippy videos we had caused me to get stuck in an unpleasant rut of thinking"
  • Time distortion - "Time felt slightly sped up, but about 2.5 hours in, time slowed down drastically. I especially remember the minute 10:16"
  • Focus suppression - "During my thought loop, I wanted to change the video, but it kept slipping my mind"
  • Synaesthesia - "Eating Doritos stimulated all senses"
  • Delirium - "After the trip, I felt unsure what to do next"
  • Wakefulness - "After the trip I had trouble sleeping"