Experience:Pregabalin (450mg, oral) + Methylphenidate (20mg, oral) - Gaba Flipping

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Experience reports - Pregabalin and Methylphenidate


  • Age: 19
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 140lbs


This is a combination I have tried about 2 or 3 times in the past when my friend brought up the idea. The typical effects are increased empathy (mainly from the pregabalin) and increased talkativeness (mainly from the methylphenidate). These two main effects in tandem allow for a very enjoyable experience, even at the work place. I am able to perform tasks at work and drive but I find myself enjoying nearly anything I do. It's hard to find any times I am sad/uncomfortable on the come-up of this combination. One of the main advantages of this combination is that the MPH comedown is usually negated entirely because of PGNs uplifting effects. Think of it like when someone does a Nexus flip to avoid the comedown of MDMA, same premise. My tolerance to the two substances is mild, I indulge in them both about once or twice every fortnight. I am also prescribed escitalopram (Lexapro) and I take it daily. I suppose it's also worth noting that I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) but I do not have ADD/ADHD.


T+ 0:00 - I take 20mg of methylphenidate (MPH) and 450mg of pregabalin (PGN) (both by mouth with water). I had an empty stomach because I had only a glass of milk for breakfast (one hour prior). I was completely healthy the day before and the day of this experience.

T+ 0:10 - Feel like i have to use the bathroom. I always have sudden bowel movements only minutes after taking ritalin, so this is to be expected.

T+ 0:20 - Feeling very very faint mental and bodily stimulation. Not sure if this is placebo or if I'm just now starting to feel the effects of the drugs.

T+ 0:26 - Definitely feeling some mild mental stimulation in my head.

T+ 0:34 - Had to help my co-worker set-up a monitor for some testing, it was a simple task but it felt like absolutely nothing. I was indifferent to the task but I still made some small talk with my co-worker. Don't get me wrong, it was NOT bad, but it was not notably improved. I did feel a definite increase in my resting heart rate and a faster rate of thought. I was able to quickly sort through some cables to find one I was seeking. Normally I struggle to count many similar looking objects like tiny black cables but now it seemed quite easy. I attribute this to the Ritalin.

T+ 0:42 - Just been on my laptop for a few minutes, adding details to this report. I've noticed that when I stop typing, it makes it easy to focus on my resting heartrate and it brings a slight sense of discomfort. Like stimulation that is too much. I've felt this before and it always happens to me on Ritalin when I run out of tasks to pre-occupy myself with. I'm actually typing this so that I can avoid that feeling haha. I am going to walk around for a bit to see if anything interests me arond the office as its quiet here today (two of my other co-workers are out).

T+ 0:54 - Still feel like there's more bowel movement. Despite this, I am not hungry. So far it mainly just feels like the methylphenidate is hitting me. This is fine as PGN always takes a little longer for me to feel it. By the time the MPH peaks I'll probably start feeling the effects of the PGN more prominently. I have plenty of water for my dry mouth, but it isn't that dry today surprisingly.

T+ 1:10 - Definitely feeling some prominent focus enhancement, whenever I start a conversation or I'm doing something, I'm entirely focused on the subject. I find myself just enjoyably working on whatever task is at hand, and don't stop unless it's done or something else catches my attention. I also want to consider that this warm tingly feeling in the back of my head could be considered "cognitive euphoria" as well, it's hard to explain but it's a very nice sensation that leaves me smiling a bit to myself. I would consider it to be mild though, likely due to the "relatively" low doses (for me).

T+ 1:26 - I decide I've had enough of the bowel movement so I'm going to the bathroom again. While there, I messaged a close friend and was very happy during the conversation. I enjoyed making them laugh and seeing how their day was going. I was very appreciative of them in that moment. Even more than usual (which is a LOT)

T+ 1:46 - I just feel like talking to my co-workers a lot, we're just having a pleasant conversation about random relatable topics. It's very nice, I feel like the PGN is starting to kick in because there is a distinct mental stimulation that I recognize from PGN. I also feel even more physically comfortable.

T+ 2:02 - Went outside for a vape break. My co-worker vapes but I don't, I just like having a break to get some fresh air. So no nicotine was consumed in this experience. I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin and it felt amazing! I could sit out there all day. My skin was tingling with goodness. My face felt wonderful. I also felt a bit lighter in weight when going outside, this is another noticeable effect from the PGN kicking in. It wasn't like i lost coordination but I did feel overall lighter. I feel like I can see in a higher frame rate. Like a 60hz monitor compared to a 144hz monitor. I also noticed that everything was noticeably more... colorful? Just a noticeable increase in color, but nothing too crazy.

T+ 2:20 - Co-worker put some music on the speaker in the office. Since only me and my friendly co-worker were the only ones at the office, we were able to play music we liked. I enjoyed it a lot more than usual. The bass was noticeably louder and really added to the experience.

T+ 2:40 - I feel the mental stimulation rising very fast. My head feels comfortable with a small amount of pressure on my forehead. Comfortable though. I now feel very hungry because its nearly lunch and all I had was milk. So, I will eat some food.

T+ 7:40 - I had lunch earlier, the last few hours have been fairly tame. I've been in a good mood and I still feel a slight buzz in my head. In the time before, there was nothing too eventful, the effects that persisted during this time were mainly from the PGN. I still felt much lighter and all colors around me still seemed a bit brighter. I enjoyed talking to people and was very sociable during this time. I believe I'm on the comedown now, It's not bad though because PGNs comedown is quite pleasurable for some people, me included. It negated the comedown of MPH which normally makes me uncomfortably stimulated and anxious.

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