Experience:Psilocybin Mushroom (0.16 g, Oral) - Dosage Independent Intensity

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Experience reports - Mushrooms


  • Age: 23
  • Sex: Male
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 177.8 cm / 70 inches
  • Weight: 58.97 kg / 130 lb
  • Date: 03/2021
  • Location: Arizona, United States
  • Set and Setting: Neighborhood park, my bedroom
  • Additional Substance(s): (3:05 PM) Cannabis 0.2 g Smoked, (6:45 PM) Cannabis 0.2 g Smoked


I am a recently out transgender woman. I was once active on this site under another username, Xan-xander-xan, before I came out. I have taken LSD, Psilocybin Mushrooms, and DXM each on dozen or half dozen occasions. I am not extremely experienced with mushrooms. I have only taken low doses because I am part of the subset of people, of whom have significant responses to low doses. I look forward to being a more active user on this site again.


2:45 PM - T + 0:00 - Ingested 0.16 g of dried Psilocybe Cubensis

I chewed this up with a Dove milk chocolate, washing it down with plain water. This helped with taste very much so. I had eaten a bagel with cream cheese an hour or two beforehand, so my stomach was partially full. I hopped on my bike and road to the park near my house.

3:05 PM - T + 0:20 - First Alert and 0.2 g Cannabis smoked

I had arrived at the small, neighborhood park. I sat down in the dormant, dry grass underneath my favorite tree. At this point, I am noticing the first hint that my body and mind felt odd, or off in some way. The strange and distinct alert I always experience initially. I usually smoke a little weed to enhance the visuals of the lower dosage. So I took out my one hitter, and took 3-4 hits.

3:10 - T + 0:25 - Effects increasingly more noticeable, Cannabis effect onsets

Before the cannabis could fully peak, I can feel myself coming up on the mushrooms. Colors seeming subtly more intense, sounds clearer, enhanced peripheral vision, a sense on inner peace and calm, but no sensation of slow or heaviness.

3:25 PM - T + 0:40 - Rising closer to peak effects

It's only becoming more obvious by every 5 minute increment that I am tripping. The weed has completely taken hold and enhancing the mushroom effects I formerly mentioned. Cognitive changes are impossible to ignore, euphoria becoming more intense than usual cannabis euphoria. A sense of novelty and newness to a normally mundane environment. I decide it's probably time I ride my bike home, as I wanted to be in a recluse location in case the effects became more intense. On the ride home, I road underneath a line of bare, leafless trees. But this was incredibly beautiful and awe-inspiring. The way the shadows of the bare branches contrasted with other colors and the blinding sunlight, it was almost enough to make me shed a tear. This comforted me and made me feel connected to nature. A bug lands on my glasses but I did not flinch. I only smiled and said "Hello friend".

4:05 PM - T + 1:20 - Begin peak

I must have been riding my bike around being silly, as time got away from me. I'm at home now and I realized 40 min had quickly passed. But now time was slowing down substantially. I sat in my desk chair at my computer, putting on some vaporwave music. I kept sitting down and standing up. I felt like I was becoming much larger but then shrinking in size. This is when I zoned out, staring into my walls, closet door, posters, etc. This was the most significant part of the experience.

I can see elaborate drifting. I could mostly only see it when concentrating. The longer I gazed without double taking, the more contorted things became. The closet doors' textures shifted like shutters or blinds of a window, slowly in a fluid-like motion. If I blinked a coupe times or looked away, it would reset. There was also lots of visual haze. Moving my hands about slowly in front of me, there were obvious tracers and after images. Also some mild environmental patterning seemed to be co-occurring. I was extremely amused and pleased with these sights. My body is feeling like it's glowing and warm as if I was a firefly. I had listened to the song "Fireflies" moments earlier, coincidentally.

I did not feel any profound spiritual feelings like I often do, outside of feeling some mild unity with nature and the environment of my home.

5:05 PM - T + 2:20 - Peak ending, Effects dwindling but very active

I was not back to baseline, though after an hour of watching these visuals, they faded away very rapidly. I still could see tracers and after images, albeit more mild and ignorable. Other than that, no more visual states really. I did feel clear signs of cognitive and physical effects persisting, especially euphoria and body tingling or glow. I suddenly regained my energy after feeling like a heavy, old log in the woods, sitting in my room earlier. I am prancing around the backyard of my house like I'm galivanting in the woods. It felt as if the world around me was far larger than it normally felt, even a backyard of a home in the suburbs! Light and color were still much brighter and vibrant. I kept thinking I was sober, but looking back, I was really acting silly and bouncy like I was dumbfounded and overjoyed. I was going in the backyard, pacing around, going back inside, picking up objects, putting them down, going back outside. It was quite comical, and everything seemed so comical and odd to me.

During this, I have a complete unwillingness to speak for whatever reason. I was talking to myself a lot earlier before the peak, like I would sober. But for an hour or so now, I've grown quiet, as has my mind. I was in a state of mindfulness. Additionally, it was as if I was only thinking about the present moment in the environment, not what was going on internally as much. This silly state continued for an hour or so. However, this felt like an entire day to me. Thirty minutes felt like 2 or 3 hours.

6:45 PM - T + 4:00 - Trip coming to an end, One more cannabis smoke

Like I had mentioned, I felt a pronounced time distortion. So I was pretty shocked to find that it was only just after 6:30 PM! I woke up late this day, but this seriously felt like I had been active, hopping about, for the entire day and night. In reality this amounts to 4 hours from when the mushrooms were ingested. Staring at my phone's clock, all I could do was laugh. That's when I realized this whole body high, and cognitive changes, vanished. I was back to normal-- or at least as normal as I thought I was. "Was I normal? Am I actually still tripping?" I thought. "Hey! My thoughts! They're back! I'm thinking again," I laughed. Then what did I do? Smoked another tiny bowl of course! :)

I repeated the same dose as before, 0.2 g. Unlike the first cannabis high, this was not a psychedelic enhancement, but rather an enhance of the cannabis itself via the after effects of the psilocin? That is what I speculate because this high was extremely reminiscent of the long-lost cannabis high of when I was a novice, teen smoker. Not just an overall more intense high, but it had a distinct headspace to it. I only ever felt this way back in "the ol' days" of cannabis-ing... but this was like being thrown back to an earlier simple time. I was filled with feelings of extreme nostalgia, and once again, a sense of novelty. To top it all off, a feeling of overall rejuvenation.

7:30 PM - T + 4:45 - Afterglow

Needless to say, I was very calm and feeling rested. I slept great that night, and I am still in a good mood this next day. My experience lacked a lot of insight but it was a trip into nostalgia and novelty. This also reminded me that things we take for granted are beautiful.

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