Experience:DMT (75 mg, smoked) - Bad trip with illustration

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Experience reports - DMT

  • Date: 08-08-2020
  • Subject: Male
  • Weight: 163lbs
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Set: Heavy dose, tired, excited.
  • Setting: My room, in bed, in the dark, at night, listening to music I like
  • Timeline: Approx. 20-30 minutes from start to finish

Authors Note: Log below is verbatim, I had a laptop near me that I made entries before, during, and after the trip. Only adjustments made have been to fix spelling.

Before smoking

Plan is to do the same method, 5 seconds of DMT, 2 seconds of air, 10 second hold. This time ill be keeping track of how many of those I do. My mind, by association, feels lightly tingly, the kind of tingly that it gets when the DMT hits me. Funny how quickly those associations are built. Like how your mouth waters right before you eat into Sour Candy.

Ive got good music going, perfecting my playlist. Gonna listen to chill break-core. A lot of the tracks sound like songs from Unreal Tournament 1999, so basically, im grooving :-)

Inhale Log

Session I.) I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I, 15 consecutive draws (Estimate of .054g)
Session II.) 6 consecutive draws (Estimate of .021g)


Playlist leading up to bad trip inducing song (Vordhosbn)

Peaked on Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn. WAS NIGHTMARISH. It was like some lovecraftian nightmare shit. Like an abstract Zdzislaw Beksinski painting. BIG mistake. Should've vetted the music more thoroughly, plus I need stuff that's more familiar.

Between, 5-15 seconds I deliberated internally if I should change the music or kinda roll with it, and it just got worse and so I kinda leaped out of bed, got on my laptop, and put on some familiar chill music. That was good, made things a lot better. Felt a lot warmer, more comfortable, cozy. Then I played Brother Android - Stars Come Out, and that was VERY nice, but I still had kind of nightmarish imagery, I still have some in the back of my mind right now. I'm going to listen to more cozy brother android music, I need a much LOWER bpm for a good trip, my heart rate is like, reliant on the BPM, and so when I was listening to Aphex twin, the uncertainty and the high BPM made my heart rate rise and ALARMED me. Then I had the nightmarish imagery. When I had my eyes open and was changing the songs on my laptop, the folds in my covers looked like soft animal skulls. Had to do my best to ignore what was in my peripheral vision.

Future reference: Low BPM, COZY, try some lyrics? Remember, you can always have more but you cant have less. Had way too much DMT and was listening to unfamiliar FAST erratic music. Big mistake, the other break core songs were kind of chill, and I was rolling with it, it was just intense visuals, but once we got to Aphex Twin, shit just went south. Plus I was peaking on the Aphex song.

Scene from bad trip

I'm still kinda on the comedown, so I'm just gonna roll with it and then go to bed. Once I'm completely good, going to put on more Brother Android, other chill stuff, and ride it out.

Okay, so its probably about 20 minutes since first draw, and about 12 minutes since I got out of the nightmare zone, I'm feeling kinda miffed and considering doing some more to some better music because I don't want to end the night on a bad trip with nightmare imagery ykno, I want some cozy DMT before I snooze. So I'm gonna go for six consecutive draws and put on a cozy song and report back.

Yeah, it wasn't too much, but it was pretty bad. I say, 5/10 intensive visuals, so if I was watching a movie with 7 sunglasses on, but it was still the fucking nightmarish imagery, not as bad as before though, it got better if I relaxed. My muscles kept tensing up when I relaxed them the trip got a little better. I came to terms with it and kind just rode it out, even with very soothing music on. It was kind of strange. I have the most soothing song I know on loop right now, im getting kind of bored of it, but like... im afraid of every other song right now. Uhm, whenever I moved to get more comfortable it felt like I was falling, like I was in free-fall for brief moments. Very weird trip.

What did I learn: Wait a week in between trips minimum Have a complete playlist set up, curated for 30-45 minutes of straight chillin. Low BPM, soothing, spacious. Do sets of 4, do 4 draws, kinda sit for 5-10 minutes, if feeling fine do 4 more, sit for 5-10, and if feeling fine do 4 more. I don't think I'm going to push past 12 next time. Next time keep timestamps

Submitted by - Consumerofdrugs

Effects analysis

  • External hallucination - Folds in my covers looked like soft animal skulls.
  • Autonomous entities - Nightmare dude during closed eye visuals turned and looked at me. (Drawn above)
  • Geometry - Geometry during closed eye visuals.
  • Internal hallucination - Closed eye visuals were geometric at first, but morphed into some serious nightmare shit once Aphex Twin came on.