Experience:DXM and Cannabis: 100mg - Unexpected Strong Trip

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Experience reports - DXM

  • Date: 5/3/2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 125 lbs / 57 kg
  • Age: 19


Introduction: It has been years since I tried tripping on dextromethorphan. Last time, the product contained guaifenesin and induced severe nausea, vomiting, and vertigo immediately at the onset; I had tried DXM about 4 times prior years ago with strange dissociative and perceptual experiences I found enjoyable. On the night before the trip, I picked up a bottle of Walgreens generic delsym (DXM Polistirex as the only active ingredient in the syrup.) Now being old enough to legally purchase DXM products in my state, I was eager to visit the "dextroverse", psychonauts call it.

~1:00 PM - On the next day in the afternoon, I was way too excited/lazy to extract it, despite how simple it is with polistirex I read. So I added the nasty shit sauce into its measuring cup to slightly over 15mL which was around 100mg. I was too frightened to try more because I find it somewhat altering at even therapeutic dose range for cough suppression. So I add it to a half full Sprite can to dilute it, and I drank it quickly over the course of about 10 minutes.

2:10 PM, Onset, This Not Placebo - Like a right hook, it hits me. "Oh my, I'm coming up." I immediately started feeling confused. Confused by what I was feeling emotionally. I wasn't sure, was I just excited, but also fearful? Was I a bit anxious? "What if this is some kind of new emotion? It could have pertained to my concern of not wanting my parents to find out I was tripping. But at the time, "It must be a sign to something greater, something deep inside my subconscious mind," I thought, then concluded. Next thing I remember I smoked a couple one hitter bowls. This was not a wise decision, as it increased the negative and mixed emotional feelings, as well as startling levels of dissociation.

3:30 PM, Increasing Dissociation and Analysis Suppression - Suddenly I lost my ability to analyze things and come to conclusions. The state of my cognitive and physical euphoria opioid-like, and dissociation like I had never felt, I lost all will/skill to judge things. I had no idea that is what was happening. In fact, I didn't know what happening was or what was what. Language and thought lost significance and I could not process sensory input or function voluntarily (on my own terms/decision). Feelings of doom came and went in waves of minutes to longer periods of euphoria and anxiolysis. Infrequent mild auditory hallucinations present, such as my dog barking or whining, or the sound of something falling or spilling. Those are the only external hallucinations I recall.

~4:00 PM, Peak Evident (in Retrospection) - Everything about me at this point had become completely automatic. I was watching external me, and the external world, through my own eyes. However, I was simultaneously another me inside my own head (I could not see it, just feel) wherein I felt anxious and helpless in that "nothing is in my control anymore {forever}" whilst external me functioned just fine (in retrospection). It was like this external me was my "alter ego", my mirror opposite, enthusiastic, how I act everyday usually. I thought that was the "real me" but I retrospect that I was being my conscience and observing me, instead of vice versa in sober life.

7:30 PM, Pseudoamnesia? Odd Memory Gap and Time Acceleration - The strangest thing is that I was aware of what happened from 4-7:30 PM pretty thoroughly, but ONLY at the exact moment those things happened, which to me by 7:30 and now the next day, never existed at this point. Maybe it was because I ended up sleeping poorly but I got at least 6 hours for just that night, I should have the memories intact... Continuing, by 7:30 PM I thought "Wow, where did the damn time go?" I recalled some events but currently I do not recall anything between 4-7. My cognition was returning closer to normal but anxiety persisted, but much less intense. Then depression settled in and intensified over the next few hours. I believe it had to do with my insight I unknowingly had gained that night pre-retrospection on a subconscious level.

12:45 AM, Again? - Yet another time this memory gap thing occurs. Why can't I remember anything now but I was so aware then? It felt similar to dissociative amnesia caused by alprazolam, yet subtly distinct and much less solid in style. Well, around this time I felt so worn out and sluggish I went to bed. I had completely comedown by then. It seemed short-lived but my dose is considered quite low. Like I said I slept poorly. My thoughts were overwhelming me. My analytical nature rebounded. I was forced to stay awake for an unknown duration, but I do remember I didn't fall asleep until around 4:30 AM. No dream content I can recall.

Conclusion: Overall, I am very intrigued with this atypical insight I received. I was also surprised how powerful my ~100mg trip was. I didn't get much of an after glow today except for a feeling of a light bounciness, for lack of a better description than what I had read on the wiki days prior to the trip. Would I try it again after this experience? Most likely not. Do not underestimate the power and potency of this substance. It is a powerful hallucinogen with psychedelic-like properties.

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