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Experience reports - 2C-C

  • Weight: 67 kg / 145 lbs
  • Setting: Note that all of the trials where I tested 2C-C were just me, alone at home, primarily just observing the effects, so I probably noticed them more than someone would have in let's say a social setting, where of course you wouldn't pay much of your attention to the effects when so much is happening around you.
  • Prior experiences: I have a lot experience with psychedelics, more quantitatively than qualitatively, definitely lost the magic by now and personally would love to have a real psychedelic experience again, although psychedelics don't hit me as hard as they used to and I now have concerns for my physical safety as I somewhat specify below.
  • Misc: I have no heart conditions, nor any anxiety or other psychological problems (when sober at least).


First Day: 25 mg

As I have been paranoid of heart issues lately, I decided it'd be best to start at a very low dose since I haven't been using psychedelics for some time now. The 2C-C Powder is white, voluminous, flakey and somewhat foul-tasting.

I hit up the scale and carefully weight out my dosage and parachuted it. Remaining calm was my priority so I grabbed my Fitbit and my copy of PiHKAL and started reading the first chapters, "Thumb", "Mescaline", "Burt" and "TMA". I don't read books often but I found myself quickly immersed in it, reading through it was easier than normal, since I tend to get carried away and not actually memorize as I read something. For the main effects first alert was at T+0:40 and by about T+1:00 some visuals started to pop up. By the time I was fully peaking I had zero physical effects and zero stimulation, in fact kinda lethargic even, although I did notice jaw clenching throughout the duration. I regularly checked my heart rate and surprisingly it was constant at 56 - 59 BPM which is actually pretty low for me (although I was actually not moving much to begin with). I kept reading PiHKAL until about T+4:00 where I was fully able to sleep.

Second Day: 35 mg

I wanted to test out tolerance so about 24 hours after my first dose I parachuted 35 milligrams on an empty stomach, but ate right afterwards. Come-up time and duration were about the same, some physical effects were also noted, mainly a slight tingling, muscle tension and obvious jaw clenching. I didn't monitor my heart rate although again I didn't clearly notice any increase. Visuals were now clearly defined, which led me to believe that I in fact didn't have any tolerance at all. I spent my time watching Youtube and Attack on Titan, both which were very entertaining, had more laughter that I usually would have (with me being alone). Sleeping at T+7:00 was difficult, although it would probably not be much of a problem if I wouldn't constantly use my phone before bed. Also on a side note, unnoticeable (but visible) sweating was noted.

Third Day: 50 mg

Took 50 milligrams (this was probably 16 hours after my last dose, with some sleep in between). Again, I could not tell if I noticed any tolerance buildup. Visuals were now completely present, they have 2C-B-like cartoony tones along with the psylocybin-esque realism combined. Maybe at higher dosages one aspect overshadows the other, or maybe this is just because the dosage is so low. No physical sensations were noted. Very slight jaw clenching and muscle tension. I was at baseline by T+8:00. Pupils were at this point noticeably dilated.

Forth Day: 70 mg

Since I had stuff to do the next day and wouldn't waste my time each day at home binging on 2C-C, I took another 70 milligrams roughly 9 hours after my last dose, of which I wasn't fully 100 percent at baseline yet. I was busy so I didn't track the time but in what felt like no time I was experiencing these optics again, which grew much stronger as I also noticed mild-moderate nausea as well as unexpected diarrhea. After I finished shitting I was fully peaking about 1 hour in.

Tolerance just doesn't seem to develop with this one? I'm sure it must at some point but this really surprised me that there was basically none by this point. The visuals were now rather strong, very reminiscent of 2C-B especially the closed-eye ones. My body starts to become tingly although only if I put my attention to it, compared to shrooms or LSD there was basically no bodyfeeling present. Headspace was also still nonexistent. I spent most of my time couch-locked looking around thinking and relaxing, occasionally some Youtube videos as well as Attack on Titan again with noticeable humor and emotions (so the "psychedelic feelings and emotions" are still present without any sort of stimulation or headspace?). I was coming down by T+3:00, nothing more to say. I monitored my heart rate throughout the experience and it remained between 54 and 61 BPMs again.

I have to add that throughout these days sleep was rather uncomfortable, vivid dreams, sometimes nightmares, getting up in the morning was tough and on day five I was completely out of it, slept almost the entire day, felt unusually weak, but in the end recovered the next night. During my awake times however I was feeling normal.

Repeated Doses - snorted

I insufflated little bumps that I put on my index finger, probably totaling 15 - 20 milligrams combined. The burn was intense, but bearable (may have hurt more when I did all at once, very similar to 2C-B although you need twice the dose). This experience was also after a night out with my co-workers, I was slightly drunk as well. The initial high was smooth, no anxiety and especially no social anxiety, I could talk very openly with an old friend, which is rare for me, although I probably think that this was because of the alcohol, not sure. During the come-up things began looking distorted and weird, in a way which is very similar to on 2C-B when snorted.

When I got home I was definitely tripping, there was more body tingling than usual and the visuals seemed to give off a more realistic style than when taken orally, but still have that glossy, cartoony appearance. Also, I have to add that when concentrating there was a noticeable ringing in my ears, probably tinnitus, it's that distant high-pitch noise you hear in complete silence (I actually don't know if it's just me or if everyone can hear that). My heart rate was also increased, although I'm not concluding anything due to exercise before and alcohol in my system. I fell asleep easily mid-peak.

70 mg and unknown dose snorted

Two weeks of a tolerance break I tested 70 milligrams on a full, cheesy stomach. As expected I was peaking probably 2 hours in and the experience was very similar to my previous one of 70 milligrams, if not a tad weaker.

I snorted a normal-sized line about 4 hours in when coming down. Initially there was some burning in the nose, although it was perfectly bearable and less intense to that of 2C-B, even though the dose was higher. Why is it that the burn-per-dose ratio is nearly equal to the intensity-per-dose? From all I could gather 2C-B stands in between, while 2C-E and 2C-P burn like really bad. This is also the case for applicable doses of DOx or NBOMes, which are supposedly horrendous. Anyways I barely noticed the rush, the drip in back throat was horrible and brought me to gag, and eventually I was at an intensity slightly higher than I was before. I realized there were now some cognitive alterations, I panicked suddenly, my heart rate spiked and I spent all of my time trying to relax until it was over, which seemed to work. This is the heart problem I have (or I think I have).

An interesting phenomenon I noticed when I went to bed, I forgot to turn my speakers off, which emitted a blue flashing light which is usually pretty bright in the dark. When I looked directly at it, I almost didn't see it, just a few outlines, however when looking at it from my peripheral vision it was very bright and slightly distorted in size.

85 mg

I split my doses into two capsules which I took about 30 minutes apart from each other, at home. The rush was very sudden at around T+0:40 my body felt very jittery and restless and my heart rate suddenly jumped to 120 and was palpitating. The nausea wasn't to extreme, there was some initial anxiety as I don't know if that's normal or not for my heart, but I chose to ride it out to see if anything more serious would happen. There was a nice body high and even moderate load at the beginning which later dissipated. Also there were a lot of muscle twitches as well and tightening all over my body (couldn't get my biceps to relax), which was really apparent but not too painful. Also I was trembling slightly, this is probably the stimulant effect of the drug itself, although just like before the character of the experience was rather sedating. The side effects began to subside about mid-peak, just like the palpitations did and my heart rate until coming down was 100 - 110 BPM when resting.

This is probably the dose where the true nature of this chem started to show itself, just as the side effects also did. I don't know if this is true or not but it does resemble DOC experiences, not in the character, or visuals, body load, or especially stimulation, but instead the feeling of the archetype of those two substances, the basis their effects are built on. I'm really not sure but this crossed my mind at one point during the trip

The headspace was still very clear and the visuals similar from before, just stronger. Overall nothing extraordinary that I can say although certain things did generate interesting patterns. Lots of fast swirling motions and CEVs were at level 3 to 4 by now. Really interesting patterns started to develop, mostly digital shapes and structures similar to 2C-B but far more distinct in its own way. I am a hard-head to psychedelics so I suggest these were dampened down for me at least considerably. I don't get colors anymore in my optics and 200 mics of LSD doesn't give me mind-blowing CEVs anymore, just very dark shapes which are cool to look at but too weak to actually see. Interestingly I noted some visuals (both open eye and closed eye) which consisted of not too big scenes of Minecraft landscapes as viewed from the person playing and lines of code written in Java on top. They shifted as soon as the appeared so I couldn't read any of the code, but images of these landscapes I can still remember (partially). The code looked just like in the Eclipse IDE. I have to note that for the past week I was constantly playing Minecraft and developing Java plugins, constantly when I wasn't working so this very likely had an effect on my memory or something.

I was coming down about 4 hours in and took 2 milligrams of etizolam so I could sleep, the sedation hit me after about 10 minutes and the visuals were now damped and it was hard staying in control benzo-ed out actually. I needed around one to two hours to actually fall asleep. Didn't seem to bring my heart rate down that much although I was very sedated at that point. When trying hard enough I eventually did manage to sleep for 6 hours, not really refreshed.

100 mg

Again, I divided my doses 40 minutes apart. The come-up was slow, there was some weird nausea, definitely not puking-nausea, but a very unpleasant sensation in my belly, to say the least. Everything was as expected except this time my heart rate jumped to 140, my body felt strange and kinda hurt and everything just felt very tight just like my previous episodes I get on psychedelics like LSD or DOB, and haven't found anyone else experiencing something alike. This is probably just personal anxiety or something and I got a panic attack, tried to resist taking a benzo but in the end had to to calm myself psychologically. My heart was palpitating and while the graph on my Fitbit app never exceeded 140BPMs at one point it felt like it was easily in the 180s+ which really concerned me. I took my blood pressure as well whilst in panic and it was moderately higher than usual but nothing dangerous. During all this headspace-wise I was still completely normal, unaltered and still grounded to reality.

After getting etizoslammed I was somewhat relaxed mentally but my heart was still in the range of 110s and 130s when resting, rising and falling repeatedly for the next 2 hours which was weird. Also there was mildly painful muscle tension at seemingly random points, including the left side of my neck, the side of my left arm, some points in my rib cage and my fingers and toes. It was difficult finding my pulse both on my neck and wrist because of this. There were some weird sensations which I'm still not sure are because of the drug, the benzo or the panic attack (vision problems, difficulty staying awake, and mild hot/cold flushes. All of these effects also disappeared after 2 hours. My blood pressure was at normal levels now too by the way.

Visuals were a B+ at best, not too overwhelming but there was a lot of drifting to the point where I sometimes would be blinded by geometry appearing and it was hard to fixate on things. Still can't decide whether they appear realistic or cartoony. There are obvious digital shapes and a glossy feeling but something is still reminiscent of a natural feel to it. Closed-eye geometry is at a near level 4 by now. I am however very experienced with psychedelics so they don't amaze me as much.

At T+3:00 I was rapidly coming down, didn't feel any effects of any drug anymore and sleep was possible at T+5:00.

When I woke up I insufflated a few milligrams of 2C-E, of which I definitely felt an effect expected for this dose, which further proves to me there was no immediate tolerance development from 2C-C. Maybe it affects the 5HT2A receptor even weaker than 2C-B, so the receptor can't upregulate like with strong agonists like LSD? No idea. After this experience I chose not to go any further and address my issues with LSD since there are less pronounced side effects (like the muscle tension) which contribute to my panic attacks...

Overall, 2C-C is a rather unique compound, not near any of my favorites but it is pretty worthwhile to try in my opinion. It's the only phenethylamine I think that has a dominant sedative effect and it is exceptionally great for relaxing, no body load and unaltered thinking, basically just visuals. I don't see any reason to go past 100mgs, this is probably the limit where the side effects can become severe, although they may not be as bad as with similar phenethylamines, but difficult to handle.

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