Experience:400mg DXM + 300mg DPH – Bacterial friends

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Experience reports - DXM and DPH

  • Date:16/12/16
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 95 lbs / 43 kg
  • Age: 16


12:00 - take ~400mg worth of DXM gel caps.

12:30 - starting to feel first effects from the dex including nausea, take 300mg worth of Benadryl to counteract nausea.

1:30 - Nausea dissipated dex really coming up, put on some vaporwave and dance in my room. Cev's start, I see myself running off a pier into a busy river, I climb onto a boat and fight a pirate. I experience a couple changes in gravity, whenever I lay on my bed it feels as if I’m going to slide off. Like always on dex I’m feeling really happy and empathetic, I text a couple friends saying how I really appreciate them and they are good people. Head wise I’m pretty sober.

1:45 - Leave for my friend C's house. Arrive around 2. Benadryl visuals start to kick index is around the peak.

2:00 - As I arrive I walk around like an octopus in his yard until I make it into the house, there I hug his dog and am feeling the euphoria, previous to me arriving all my friends had been smoking some weed, and all are high.

2:15 - Around here time gets blurry until about 4:30. I go into his room where everyone else is, the lights are out and some music is playing from his Xbox, I wave my arms to the music and start getting some more cev's. I say how my couch has a mustache and eyes and is sad from being alone in the rain also I may have said I tried to have intercourse with it. My friend’s computer case starts to mix into the floor, hard to tell where one starts and the other begins, the ceiling and walls start to slide, the room becomes fogged. It’s very hard to talk clearly and I can barely stand on my own. My phone is coming increasingly hard to use, when I try to put in my passcode more buttons appear and disappear (today I’ve noticed that I renamed many of my folders one saying "I am ready for…", weird). After 2 friends emerge from making ramen I grab the box saying it’s my girlfriend Ashley and start trying to cuddle with it. After I wake from that trance I start to smoke imaginary cigarettes and my friends told me I began to rant about what I kept calling "the spectacle", eventually they ask me what I’m doing with my hands I say I’m smoking, they laugh and the cigarettes falls apart into these purple and green flouting bacteria that become common in the later parts of the trip.

~4:00 - I and C reemerge from his room, the bacteria clouds get bigger and become more common. I start to see people that aren't there; there now is a maid inside the kitchen cleaning the lights, she disappears a few minutes later.

4:30 - My dad picks me up and drives me to a robotics meeting, I don’t remember anything from the car ride. When I get to the meeting, I find more of the bacteria clouds, and the computer screens have 3d figures dancing inside them and start looking outside.

~6:00 - I’m out of the meeting and return home, still some bug clouds but I’m definitely coming down. I move my joystick around with my foot from under my desk, it looks like a gelatinous mass covered in the bacteria. I don’t remember much until around 11:00 when I saw some incredibly detailed cev's of what looked like a gravel road and puddle. Now I Schleep.

Next day - Still feeling the afterglow with mild euphoria and slight cev's occasionally I can see some of the bacteria and some visual snow/static if I look at something long enough, and my motor control is a tad off but overall pretty sober. I'd say a 8.5/10 trip, next time, which probably won’t be for a couple weeks, I’m either taking more Benadryl or a medium dose of lsd.

Submitted by Bolshevik Walrus

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