Experience:1.5 Grams Psilocybe Cubensis

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Experience reports - Mushrooms


Yesterday, I ingested 1.5 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, and it was the most profound experience of my life..

6:15PM - The come up
I smoked some weed during the come up to keep me calm, and sort of ease myself into the experience. I took a couple hits off of a bong, and then took a 30 minute walk with a friend of mine..We'll call him "Z"

7:00 - I can feel it
The effects are starting to be noticeable. No major hallucinations or incredible thoughts..

7:30 - Coming on more
Effects are becoming more and more noticeable. Feeling as if I'm rising up, above myself.

7:55 - Wow
Starting to see shit. My vision is somewhat tunneled with a pink glow around it. Occasionally seeing faint little spirals around my vision. At this point, I grab my journal and begin writing..As well as some food..Weed was making me hungry.

8:10 - Still coming up
Spirals are increasing in frequency, and I feel an intense desire to explain how I'm feeling..It's a struggle to write..Words are unusually large..Unsatisfied with my in-ability to describe how I'm feeling. A desire to describe and frame what I'm seeing.

Still rising. I begin to think very hard on topics. Critical self evaluation. Seeing a grid in the void with green lines spanning..Thoughts are wild..Coming to a conclusion. Seeing this consciousness as separate from my regular bodies consciousness. There seem to be different levels of consciousness..Regular functioning (influenced heavily by societal expectations), The come up (realization of things), my current state (borderline enlightenment), and so on.. The upper left half of my face seems to have become something of a different material..Like, the left half of my head had been altered. This was neither positive nor negative..It just was

8:50 - PEAK
All of life has been explained..I am enlightened. My subconscious seems to be speaking to me. I'm listening to the song "DMT by XXYYXX". I feel as though I've ascended. Things have become ever so clear..I realize I am merely playing the game of life..I don't feel as though I've reached the top of all things, however I am surely very high.

8:55 - Return
Enlightenment has faded..The memory of how I felt is craved..I begin writing furiously..But then pause..and Realize that now that I have seen it, there is no need to explain..It's funny..Life..Life is merely a collection of comedic things..We are just playing in it. I reach the conclusion that, I would like to explain in depth my feeling, however words do that very feeling an injustice..

9:00 - Another conclusion
The state of enlightenment that I reached can only be described as "a lot to take in"..Seeing things from that perspective is overwhelmingly beautiful

9:30 - Steady decline
Visuals have faded, as have intense thoughts..All I can seem to think about now is how I did feel..That state of mind Coming down - Thoughts are fading..I've come back to earth

10:00 - Relax
I feel relaxed. I've seen everything as it is, and realize that verbalizing my experience will be incredibly difficult, though I will attempt in

10:30 - Almost done
Friends leave, half an hour late..I get my things ready for the next day, and lay down. I am incredibly relaxed, but not able to sleep..I enjoy just relaxing

11:30 - Goodnight
I doze off..

7:00 - Good morning
I prepare for my day, and have a great desire to tell people about my experience..Oddly enough, I no longer have a desire to smoke weed..This worries me at first, thinking weed isn't enough, however I realize that while I was smoking weed, I was looking for something a little bit more, and mushrooms took me that extra step..I have no desire to get high in the near future.

My day continues on, and I'm a little bit lost in thought, thought incredibly smiley..It's almost as if I'm re-discovering some of the aspects of my life..Some of my desires from before I did shrooms are no longer as appealing..I feel somewhat of a bond with nature..I think I'm going to take a walk in the woods after this post...

Thanks for reading. This was one of the most important things that has ever happened to me..I've seen things from a new perspective, and I feel that the road ahead holds intense happiness.

Submitted by - Wispy

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