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Experience reports - DOC

  • Date: 19/11/16
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 67kg / 148lbs
  • Age: 21


  • PLEASE NOTE: See "Analysis" for my full list of subject effects. I'm not able to recall the exact times for many of these but I do remember feeling them.


Last week, I found one of my friends' fish dead on the filter. This week, the other one was dead, so that kind of set the mood for the rest of the night.

I took the first tab at around 1:30pm, the second one at around 4. I started to feel the first effects at around 3, but I was losing track of time by then so I just took another tab for the sake of it. By this time the ceiling was spinning and it was just the usual geometry visuals, pretty mild, until my friend who was playing Guitar Hero started to vape in front of me. I felt like I could see every particle of the vape and it was raining on me, it felt like the light was reflecting off each tiny particle of vape. Even after he stopped vaping, I could see smoke everywhere and it was clouding my vision pretty badly. I think maybe one or two hours passed on this, and after the first onslaught of weird visuals, I decided to order some food. Also at this time, everything was very sticky and slimy. I thought maybe I was sweating a lot but I wasn't, but it made things like eating crisps hard because they felt like slime.

Something really weird happened. I lost my ability to comprehend human speech at around 8 or maybe 9pm. I think my friends thought I was just fucking around but it was really bad. I could hear what they were saying to me and I could link their voices with their faces but the words just weren't making sense. I couldn't speak very well at this point either, my speech was like that of a child. It was really frustrating and upsetting to me and I cried a little, only not much, because I was trying to order food for my boyfriend but I couldn't understand what he was saying to me. I had to have everyone type to me because I just couldn't understand. This continued until 12am, which is when I started to feel a considerable good change. I still couldn't understand what people were saying but I just shut off and listened to some good music.

This is when Carpet Shop Hell kicked in.

My visuals at this point were quite nice. It was Christmas in the room and if I looked to the side or at my phone I could see a Christmas tree in the middle and there were red and gold lights and a snowy window and I was wearing a Christmas jumper. When I looked away, they disappeared. Then the same thing happened again, but with a hockey rink. Then, a carpet shop.

I spent 2 hours in that carpet shop trying to get away from the insistent nagging of something inside me to buy a carpet. Side note: for some weird reason, I have a fear of carpet shops. So I feel like this was supposed to be a bad trip, because it was trying to play on one of my "worst fears", but it wasn't even a nice carpet shop. It was mediocre at best. The carpets were shit and I wasn't scared at all, I just didn't want to be at the carpet shop. Nobody takes psychedelics to trip to a carpet shop. Then my consciousness sort of split into multiple facets - I was on the phone to my sober friend remembering old school times but I was still at the carpet shop, and it was still Christmas, and also I was at a Starbucks drinking hot chocolate and it was snowing outside. This was all pretty nice. But the carpet shop just wouldn't go away. I don't need to buy a carpet and I thought "if this drug is trying to scare me, why doesn't it make the carpet shop look like the ones I'm scared of" but it was. Just a very bland carpet shop. The sort of carpets you'd find at an elderly relative's house. This constant loop of carpet shopping for a carpet that I didn't want was making me tired so I tried to block it out and then it was Christmas and Starbucks and everything nice, and instead of the carpet shop, I got. A laundry. So I was stuck in a laundry, but then the carpet shop came back. So I was stuck in the laundry AND the carpet shop.

Some time passed on this endless carpet shop hell loop. I would go to other places too, like a fancy cruise, and a car dealership, and also the room we were in suddenly had big staircases and huge snowy windows. Still though the carpet shop would be in the back of my mind. I left my friends' house at around 2:20am still tripping like mad, and on the walk home everything was so distorted, and thankfully the carpet shop went away. When I got home I put my boyfriend to bed and was set to spend the rest of the night coming down to some nice music, but then my friend suggested I watch some trippy videos. I spent like one hour or similar stuck in a Zoomquilt (a really fucking bad one) and somehow that took what was a finally well-deserved come down into a total reloop of my experience. I forgot to mention at times when the drug was peaking, it would kind of stop and I'd think I was coming down but then it just exploded again like I was just coming up. This happened several times.

The visuals are just getting worse. It's been 14 hours since I took the first tab and I'm not coming down or anything at all. It's full blown carpet shop hell. Every time I think I'm about to fall asleep, even though I'm still tripping out, I just suddenly hear... "well, you haven't bought that carpet yet". I'm never going to get out of this carpet shop so I might as well live with it now. It's 5:14am.

Also the fan is on and it sounds like it's underwater and I'm also getting underwater visuals and I feel like I'm in the fish tank with that poor deceased fish. The auditory hallucinations now are making me feel sick for some reason, and it feels like the music I'm listening is bleeding out of my throat.

This trip hasn't ended yet but right now it feels like it's just not going to stop. My consciousness is still split into multiple facets and I'm on a cruise and in a disco and also, still, the carpet shop. The visuals are pretty good, although strangely weird and mundane, but it took 11 hours to get here and for most of that time I was half crippled and incapable of doing pretty much anything. I could have done something else in that time alone and just got it over and done with. This is a trip that is is an actual TRIP, I've been to many great places tonight but I didn't do this drug to trip to the carpet shop.

20/11/2016 (6am+)

Sometime around 6am I started to come down a bit from the intense tripping. No longer was I in a carpet shop but I didn't get any sleep at all (currently 9pm the day after I took my tabs - a total of 32 hours on this... thing). Instead of sleeping I just messed around on my computer but I was still getting auditory distortions and some geometry. I took a long hot shower at 11am and sometime later went to the store to buy foods and some nasal decongestants for my boyfriend. After smelling the nasal spray, my visuals suddenly shot back as if I was just peaking AGAIN, almost 24 hours after taking it, so I've linked in the fact that what was probably making me consistently peak over and over was sudden changes in scent. Also, during the night and all throughout today, I've been extremely emotional, crying at almost everything whether it be happy or sad and I'm actively trying to find things to make me cry in a healthy way because I feel that in order to be able to sleep I should just... cry my way through it? It's been a pretty intense 32 hours so far and I honestly don't think it's going to be over until I sleep, and even then, I think there will be lingering effects.

Should mention that temperature distortion was bothering me during the night, at one point when I was in bed trying to sleep my temperature dropped so low despite heating being on that I got a sudden intense visual of my boyfriend grabbing my wrist and saying "YOU'RE DEAD". This really upset me and I had to message a friend online to clarify that I wasn't actually dead, and that my boyfriend wasn't actually dead (just in case). My heartbeat has been feeling strained all day but I think that's more due to the exhaustion than anything else.

Submitted by - Ripnami

Effects analysis

  • PLEASE NOTE: I was fully aware at all times that I was just experiencing a psychedelic drug. Even when I hit my absolute lowest (when I thought I had died), I was still in control and was in no way a threat to myself or anyone else. I was mostly able to suppress the bad thoughts by thinking of positive things and it worked 100% to get me to a better place.