Experience:~150mg MDA(oral) - a case of mistaken identity

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Experience reports - MDA

  • Date: February 2016
  • Age: 19
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 5'10" / 178 cm
  • Weight: 61 kg / 135 lbs
  • Dosage: Approx. 150 mg initial dose, fractionally sized redoses thereafter
  • ROA: Orally
  • Setting: Home; specifically the living room couch



I was in a very different headspace when I chose to take this substance and I look back on my actions with great guilt and shame but it taught me, in retrospect, to always test the substances you purchase if they come from unknown sources.

House to myself for a week and was getting extremely fucked every day on a cocktail of cannabis, opioids and benzodiazepines. My entourage included two other friends, and we were seated on the living room couch smoking cannabis and insufflating crushed pills to a steady dub bassline.

We were naïve to the dangers of street drugs and assumed the unfamiliar source meant his word. It became known to us in the aftermath of this drug frenzy that what we had taken was in fact 3,4-Methylenedioxyamphetamine: MDA or Sass.

The initial dose was slightly upwards of 150mg, followed by multiple smaller doses. The redoses were due to the slower onset of more than an hour; compared to my previous experiences with MDMA which began within 30 minutes and associating this with being of less purity; thus requiring more substance to achieve the desired effect. Dosing recommendations by Alexander Shulgin in PIHKAL place the upper limit at 160mg, however he reported no significant toxic effects at high doses.

As a result of this careless abuse and what I retrospectively believe to be neurotoxic effects; I slipped into a what could be described as a psychotic state. This was exacerbated by heavy poly-substance use and as the psychiatrist who helped bring me back from the brink called "a complete and total depletion of the brain's neurotransmitters".

This substance caused me great mental anguish but it was as a result of my doing and I respect it for that power to harm or help. However I would choose to take it again, now having the knowledge of how to properly administer it.


I had been administering about 30mg of Oxycodone, 20mg of Hydrocodone through the oral and nasal route and was taking 2mg Alprazolam orally each day for three days before this experience. I also had been consuming about 300mg of THC daily through smoked cannabis flower for roughly 180 consecutive days. The amount of these four substances in my body significantly altered my perception of of the experience and does not equate to an objective example of an MDA experience at this dosage.

I weighed out 0.15g of the yellowish crystal on my scale and rolled it up in a rolling paper to take orally. After about an hour without any effect, I took the remainder of my share thinking it was just low purity MDMA. When it finally hit me, I was overcome by intense sensations unlike the warm blanket of ecstasy I was seeking.

Physically it came as waves of muscle relaxation and was accompanied by a consistent tingling that covered the body as a euphoric aura. I was not alert, energized and loved-up like was intended by my consumption of this substance and knew that it was not what was advertised.

The most interesting effects I noticed were the visuals: smoke appeared in both 3D and 2D distortions across my visual field with my eyes open. As Shulgin had mentioned in his report at 128mg, "an abundance of curling gray smoke rings was readily observed" in a what is considered a true hallucination, a visual phenomenon totally believed to be reality. Slowly the smoke began to develop itself as a more solid shape upon static objects in my field of view. This manifested as horns on my friends heads like classic examples of demons and gave me a feeling of pure terror. I was frozen until I was wrenched from my stupor by the urge to look in a mirror. I went to the washroom and looked into my eyes as my head slowly grew smoking horns while my face remained static. Returning to the living room I was relatively mute for the remaining experience, slowly forming words and appearing catatonic.

I cannot recall the majority of the experience after this point.

Submitted by The Pharmer

Much Love From Above

Effects analysis

These effects did not manifest at once, nor were they a direct result of the MDA: additional substances and a psychologically unsound mind contributed to the development of them.

Visual effects

Auditory effects

Tactile effects

Cognitive effects

Physical effects