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Creativity depression is defined as a decrease in both a person's motivation and capabilities when performing tasks that involve producing artistic output or novel problem-solving.[1] This effect may be particularly frustrating to deal with for artists of any sort as it will induce a temporary creative block.

Although creative subjects paradoxically more often have a history of depression than the average, their creative work is not done during their depressions, but in rebound periods of increased energy between depressions.[1][2]

Creativity suppression is often accompanied by other coinciding effects such as depression,[3] anxiety, and emotion suppression in a manner which further decreases the person's creative abilities.[1] It is most commonly induced under the influence of moderate dosages of antipsychotics.[1][4][5] However, it can also occur due to SSRI's[6] and during the withdrawal symptoms of any dopaminergic compound.[5]

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