Experience:LSA (20 HWBR seeds) – A pleasant adventure with a harsh body load

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Experience reports - LSA

  • Sex: Male
  • Weight: 63.5 kg / 140 lbs
  • Height: 176 cm
  • Age: 17 years
  • Timeline: 12:30PM - 7:30PM

Had taken seeds 4 days before (was my first time) so I already had some tolerance therefore this should not be used as reference to anyone thinking of dosing heavily.



T+0:00 – ingestion of 20 seeds, cold water extracted and left soaking for a day.

T+0:30 – 2:00 – onset + coming up. Setting: calm kitchen, dark basement

I and my friends were just hanging out in one of my friend’s kitchen after we had ingested our seeds (they had taken 10 each where I took 20) and we all got a feeling of fatigue that was extremely intense hit us after an hour or so. I and one of my friends also had a nausea building up so we got some fresh air and some water to refresh ourselves and help out a bit. We headed downstairs to play video games and I lay in an almost horizontal position on a lounge-chair but the nausea got intense real fast but getting back up was fairly hard since we also felt as if our muscles were pulverized, almost as if I had just finished a workout.

After around one hour of what I could only describe as feeling as if I had gotten food poisoning, I vomited twice and I instantly felt anew, I regained my colors at that point, the others were still extremely tired and one almost fell asleep. I remember wanting to get up and explore my surroundings. Sitting down I recall looking at a window with blinds on and they were somewhat falling through, or going downwards into the wall but this could have easily been an optical illusion associated to the major sunlight peering through.

T+2:00 – 4:00 – peak. Setting: noisy and crowded fast food restaurant, back in the kitchen

At some point we all agreed that video-games were too much (the noise, the movement of things and such) and we all went upstairs which is when I realized I could no longer feel anything: I was completely sedated and in a quite euphoric state. I was also losing my motor skills; I kept falling around and tripping and it honestly seemed like there was a gravity change: I was really really heavy. I goofed around for some time sliding around the kitchen floor laughing until we all agreed we wanted food since we had not eaten since the past day.

We left and started walking and I felt as if the world was incredibly happy and bright but horribly cold. There was also a huge depth perception distortion; it's like I had a really high FOV, like in a first person shooter; effects my friends did not feel. We went to a local restaurant and I sat down feeling highly incapable of speech and let my friends order for me. At this point I had entered my own world. I was looking at this wooden table and the pattern had seemed to replicate itself over the existing pattern and started drifting around to the point I could no longer distinguish that it was wood but instead looked like a kid’s “drawing”. I looked around at everyone and felt as if they were all judging me and at this point I started analyzing everyone there, creating little background stories about everyone just like someone would do in a movie and it was extremely believable. At this time I pulled out my phone and went on this chat app where I was in a group conversation and simply said “I’m going on a trip, cya guys.” I kept looking at the clock but never actually distinguished anything from it, I guess I was trying to act normal and not seem too suspicious. I took another look at the table which started to look unreal and it’s like I was telling myself it was an illusion although being completely conscious of its existence.

After what seemed like an eternity (but was around 5 minutes), my friends came back with my sandwich and it was really hard lifting the sandwich itself but I managed to gulp it down. I had gotten my sandwich on a plate and this is actually an important detail to mention because I started thinking about the huge advancement in fast food and how they were “modernizing” their looks.

We left and came back to my friend’s house where we started looking through the window and he pointed out snowmobile tracks that I couldn't distinguish, so he told us to wait and he went upstairs while we kept looking. I decided to check my phone and that same app again and there was a notification but the icon was acting strange; instead of just usually being red with a number in it, it kept flashing red to dark red until I just gave up trying to understand. He came back with his pellet rifle and jokingly kept yelling “get down!” and I got legitimately scared even though I knew he wouldn't shoot. He handed me the scoped rifle which felt too heavy. I looked through the scope but still wasn’t able to see any tracks on the white hills.

After some time I decided to head back home as I felt beat. The walk seemed to take forever even though I live a few houses down. When I got home I sat down and everything felt as if there was a “warm” filter over it and was all somewhat orange and red. My lamp’s shadow started drifting and flowing. Looking at my right I saw my bathroom door with a sort of fisheye center and my beige walls were now steadily shifting to a red-ish color. My computer monitor's light was diffracting and it certainly felt as if the LCD portion was inside a box or something; way deeper than it should be while some objects instead looked like they were coming out of the monitor.

T+4:00 – 7:00 coming down/afterglow. Setting: well-lit basement, no noise

I was starting to be fully aware of what was going on and I just lived with it and felt like if I was in harmony with the elements and just relaxed and laughed a bit. The sedation was still fairly heavy but only in short periods of when I would get up which I tried to do each 10 minutes so I wouldn't completely lose the effect. Everytime I'd get up there would be a minute or so of nothingness then the sedation would hit me again and stay for a while. Eventually everything left and I had a fairly peaceful night’s sleep.


Despite the harsh body-load, I would personally say I strongly enjoyed the experience and would consider this my first ever psyche experience despite having dosed 4 days before. Although my veins quickly disappeared from the surface of my arms and such, I never got any leg or arm pains which were highly present on my first ever dose.


Here are some quickly-made replications with the actual objects I saw. I tried the hardest I could to recreate the effects but the animation is bad. These are not in the replications section because they are not good enough. These are very large gifs so give them time to load.

  • Notification color change: [1]
  • Lamp shadow distortions: [2]
  • Door fisheye: [3]
  • Beige wall color shift: [4]

Submitted by - O6villma

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