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Experience reports - DMT

  • Date: 2014
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 74kg / 163lbs
  • Age: 21
  • Dose 30mg (smoked through bong)


This is a condensed experience of my first breakthrough. As always set and setting apply for blast off, with one other person (also doing DMT with me), great music, nice and warm. Ash layer at bottom of bowl, precisely weighed 30mg (0.001g scales) and another fat layer of ash above, hold flame over to melt and then allow some contact. Best use a tor jet lighter.

First toke 0:00

Soon as i breathe out, a wave of of sedative Sedation euphoria spreads across my body. Heart rate noticeably increased. color enhancement present, colors of golden reds and emerald greens. No cognitive difference, very shroomy. acuity enhancement present.

Second toke 0:30

As i take the second hit, visuals start becoming very apparent. My bong seems very strange. Magnification and depth perception distortions are present. Everything is different but the same. As i hold in the second toke, can feel my blood pressure rise (heart starts to pound but not uncomfortable). body gravity changes. Walls start breathing, melting and drifting. Geometric patterns present upon surface, vivid chrysanthemums. I look at my friend and i can see all his muscles and bones on his face. I ask if i should attempt to breakthrough with one last toke, he says im ready, i say im ready. I take the next toke.

Third toke 1:00

The bong doesn't look real anymore, everything is shimmering and glistening at a high frequency. I have vibrating vision and intense visual static. My eyes begin to cross and shake with double vision and i see all the particles that make up the room shaking until they part like the waters of moses and i see everything for how it truly is without interference.


The world before me open eyes is my old room but laced with highly algorithmic patterns 3-Dimensional textures, cogworks and dimensional gravitational dips in the walls. I close my eyes and i see a huge tunnel of kaleidoscopes with recursion that are twisting and contorting into shapes and positions i have never seen. Pyramidal structures and i feel myself being sucked upwards with a perception of decreased weight and changes in felt bodily form into this wormhole. Heart rate has stopped, dilation of time is severe, seconds feel like eternities.

(i cant make sense of time from now on, but the whole experience lasted 7-8mins)

Estimated time 2:15+

I see these gatekeeper entities autonomous entities speaking in weird tones of ancient according, made of vast fractals and they guard this white light, the end of the tunnel. In pure shock and awe to what i am seeing i surrender myself to the overwhelming euphroia and visuals. I feel empathy, love, and sociability enhancement and i surpass onto the breakthrough, the hyperspace, the torus dome.

Estimated time 2:30+

Complete dissociation from the room around me, eyes open and closed generate same imagery. I enter this huge, vast dome made from linear sections crafted with trillions of these hieroglyphic eyes in rainbow color, moving too and fro. In the middle of this dome was a monolithic entity in the shape of a man beast. Arms stretched out, palms to the sky. With two high intensity energy pulsations wrapped around each other erupting form the beasts third eye which join into the domes structure. Search Torus dmt structure, is exactly what i saw. Im in complete astonishment from what im seeing, accompanied with auditory sounds of cybernetic breathing with some angelic symphony of dmt angels blasting their orchestral sounds. There is no "I" anymore it has dissipated into the hyperspce.

As with those who have done dmt, its very hard to recall the breakthrough Amnesia, as it feels like a waking dream among an invisible landscape. After the peak subsided, it went down back through the layers of intensity the colors and patterns slowly pull away from you without even notice and your returned to the shroom visual level again. I spoke as much as i could about it, wrote some descriptive poetry and drew what i had saw.

Estimated time: 7-8mins +

Coming down, huge sense of enlightenment, i cant stop smiling and i even cry from what i had experienced. Smoked a nice fat spliff while collating my thoughts and still lingering int he afterglow which lasts for a good 20-30mins especially after a breakthrough, and talked about what had happened and my interpretations.

The trip was so meaningful to me, if not one of the most advanced psychedelic experiences i have had to date other than my more recent breakthroughs. AFter i came to i drew what i saw , even got it tattooed on me a year later :) Ever since it enhanced my already vivid dreams to quite lucid dreams to current day 2015 (multiple uses however have extended) Dream_potentiation

Submitted by - TheVoidToucher42

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