Experience:Ephenidine:185mg - A Weird and Rewarding Trip

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Experience reports - Ephenidine

  • Date: 3/18/2017
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 47 kg / 105 lbs
  • Age: 21
  • Background: After some celebratory news was given to me I decided to celebrate and expirement with dosages for ephenidine. I have recent experience with Deschloroketamine and 3-MeO-PCP that may skew the results of the expirementation with dosages due to dissociative tolerance.

I smoked marijuana throughout the experience and it greatly contributed to any visual and dissociative effects.


This trip was a weird one - I have one previous experience with ephenidine and the timeline of the trip was vastly different. The come up time previously was as short at 15 minutes, while the full come up took approximately one hour according to my notes. There was an initial dosage difference, and I started out this trip wanting to test 80mg as a "common" but not "heavy" dose. I would say that my experience puts 80mg solidly into the "common dose" range for an oral ROA. The abnormal come up times may suggest a non-linear dosing curve for this substance, which I find interesting. I was not satisfied by the effects of 80mg, even though marijuana intensified the effects. I decided to re-dose approximately 100mg to have a fully immersive experience and was granted one. While listening to music, I would have mini hole experiences. They were incredibly easy to direct from within the mind and were visual and tactile in nature. The sound was transformed into physical feelings in a beautiful flow of stimuli.

This substance is stimulating at lower doses and becomes more physically dissociating at higher doses. Marijuana intake greatly increased closed eye visuals and perspective shifts, including out of body experiences.

The stimulating nature of the substance lingers after the psychological effects.

These are notes taken during the experience:

11:11am - dosed 80mg.
12:27pm - feeling the full come up, this come up took a lot longer than previous experience. feelings of tingly body, mild waves of euphoria. coordination isn't impaired. heart rate increase. spontaneous bodily sensations.
12:31pm - Effects present even more, stimulation, double vision.
1:15pm - weed has intensified the effects. increased music appreciation. physical euphoria. the headspace is a bit disorganized, mild paranoia is present probably from the weed. consumed a lot of cannabis. stimulation
1:20pm - The stimulation is very present, i am motivated to do things and go outside.
1:51pm - Very stimulating and motivating, i cleaned my room. I am introspective and thinking about personal problems while getting stuff done. I am able to function on autopilot. this dose is much more manageable than the higher dose, which felt more sedating. double vision is still present along with increased heart rate. 
2:19pm - Time dilation is present, this is stimulating. 
2:24pm - Music appreciation, the physical euphoria is present with the changes in the music. Easy to close eyes and lose yourself in the music.
4:49pm - Still feeling stimulated but headspace is back to normal, redose 50mg.
5:40pm - Redose 54mg.
7:06pm - Smoked some bowls, stimulation is present, anesthesia isnt. super stimmy, increased heart rate, increased focus, Motivation enhancement.
7:55pm - Very dissod and stimmed, teeth grinding, increased heart rate.
8:22pm- Had hole experience.
8:33pm - Time dilation, motor control loss, increased heart rate, holing is present, CEVs, tracers, sound -->physical feelings and music appreciation.
11:06pm - Spent that time watching planet earth, was super cool, tracers present, heart rate still up. dosing on etizolam to come down.

Effects analysis