Experience:DPH (750 mg) - The Dancing Invisible Men Come to Life!

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Experience reports - DPH

  • Date: 12/2017
  • Age: 19
  • Sex: M
  • Height: 5'8" / 173 cm
  • Weight: 67.56 kg / 149 lbs
  • Misc: At the time I had experienced weed a handful of times, acid a few times, and percocets one time. Not the most experienced, but I had gotten my toes in the water. I won't be using real names, but I will be using the names F1-F5 for my friends.


The Dancing Invisible Men Come to Life! - 750 mg Diphenhydramine Orally (Benadryl Pills)

Setting the stage: The time was around 9:15 PM when I along with 5 other friends all decided to take 750 mg each of Benadryl (although F5 only ended up taking 450 mg, probably the smartest of the six of us). We were all hanging out and playing cards when we took our doses. It was supposed to be a chill night, nobody had to work the following day and we were all feeling pretty good. This report is a combination between what I recorded in my notes as well as my afterthoughts, enjoy.

T-30mins: F5 went to his bed, the other four are playing a game of spades and I am standing next to them watching. F1 at this time notices that "everyone seems ghostly white" and he feels "on edge."

T-50mins: It's kicking in for all of us. The guys forgot how to play spades for a moment and were just staring at each other until I butted in asking what they were doing. I decided that I was going to go to my bed (the doom was setting in), but they stayed at the table.

T-1hr10mins: I am now in full swing and I am sitting in my bed alone. F5 sleeps in the same room as me, but he is out cold. I notice a fishing line hanging from the ceiling and I try to grab it, but it dashes away. Then I notice the zipper to my sleeping bag is violently spinning, so I cover it up to not see it anymore. I uncover it and it is still spinning!

T-1hr30mins+: From this point on my notes become a jumbled mess, but I do remember seeing daddy long legs crawl across my bed en masse, a coworker of mine getting dressed for several hours next to my bed, my backpack gliding away into the dark, and a small man under F5's bed. When I put in headphones and tried to sleep, all I could see were people I knew with the music coming out of their mouths, it was truly horrifying. The music sounded like a jumble of words and instruments all playing different songs. It also took me 25 minutes to get in my sleeping bag because I couldn't figure out how to get my legs in it.

T-2hr: "hhhdasssr vodes" I believe I was talking about hearing voices, but I can't be totally sure.

T-8hr45mins: At this time I reconvened with the rest of the guys and asked them about their experiences. They talked about seeing eyes open up in the wall, "dancing invisible men," and peoples faces distorting uncontrollably. F3 claimed that when he turned out his bedroom lights, every object in his room was replaced with fishing lines. He also said he went outside for a smoke, smoked two cigarettes, then came inside only to find he never brought his cigarettes or lighter outside.

In conclusion, I would say stay away from DPH. I am writing this trip report in hopes that someone will be convinced to not take a bunch of Unisom or Benadryl pills, but instead enjoy their night. We all vowed to never do it again after this because of the terror it put in us as well as the persisting fear of Benadryl we all have now.

Hope this is a good trip report, we gave it our all!

Submitted by Dr. Dingus

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