Experience:Kratom + Phenibut + Cannabis - Warm Bliss

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Experience index - Kratom, Phenibut, Cannabis

Dosage and ROA:

  • Kratom: 8 g powdered Maeng Da Kratom, oral
  • Phenibut: repeated 120 mg doses, insufflated
  • Cannabis: repeated, ~1 g total, smoked
  • Nicotine: repeated, vaporized
  • Paroxetine: 30 mg (daily), oral


  • Age: 19
  • Sex: Male
  • Weight: 153 lbs / 69 kg
  • Height: 5’10” / 178 cm



After having performed a successful initial test of kratom earlier in the day, in which I took 5 g and then redosed 2 g for a total of 7 g. It was fun, and was a good introduction to this fun powdered plant.


8 g of powdered kratom were added to a small amount of cold water, and without filtration or heating, were ingested orally.

About 0.5 g of phenibut HCl coarsely powdered crystals were ground into a finer powder to make insufflation easier.

t+0:00 (22:30) - I ingested 8vg kratom, then pulverized 0.5 g of phenibut HCl and insufflated four lines about 100 mg each.

t+0:15 (22:45) - I felt a slight stimulating and relaxing buzz from the phenibut.

t+0:30 (23:00) - I felt a warm feeling beginning to surround my body; the kratom was beginning to take effect.

t+1:00 (23:30) - At this point the insufflated phenibut and kratom are both reaching a peak, so I go outside to smoke some cannabis on my roof. I feel hot even though it is cold outside, and do not have to wear my jacket. After smoking I went upstairs to my bed and began to feel a gentle, yet all-encompassing warmth, almost a tingling in my body accompanied by itches. The euphoria was more physical than cognitive, but during the onset and peak there were waves of gentle cognitive euphoria, in which I felt a sense of wellbeing and generally good. There was intense music appreciation, but my thoughts were free to wander away from the music and I could either pay attention to it or think about other things. My thoughts were disorganized, and I thought about random things that were mostly unrelated to each other, yet at times there was an odd and seemingly sensible transition between these unrelated thoughts. Nicotine was extremely pleasurable in this state.

t+1:30-3:14 (00:00-01:45) - During this period of time I was in a nod-like state, in which I was extremely sedated almost to the point of sleep, yet I was slightly awake and listening to loud grunge music mostly, although I remember no details from this period. I had some imagery, such as a flying bird that I was looking down at. I do not remember what other imagery I saw, but I do not remember them. A call from my friend brought me out of this state, and I remember being slow and sounding fucked up on the call.

t+5:00 (03:30) - I insufflated thee more lines of phenibut, and went back out to my roof to smoke some cannabis. I felt mostly sober other than a small amount of phenibut I still could feel, and 15 minutes after taking the lines of phenibut I began to feel their effects.

t+6:00 (04:30) - I feel calm and have a slight headache, but do not feel any nausea or other ill effects. I am finishing this report now.

Submitted by PsychoticCorpse

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