Experience:17mg 3-MeO-PCP & Cannabis oil - Terrifying confusion

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Experience reports - 3-MeO-PCP, cannabis oil, and clonidine

  • Date: 2017
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 76 kg / 168 lb
  • Age: 19



T+ 0:00 - 16mg of 3-MeO-PCP was insufflated over the course of 3 minutes in its powdered crystalline form. I had little experience with 3-MeO-PCP before this day. The powder was extremely caustic and burned my nose.

T+ 5:00 - I am feeling opioid-like effects, a rush of warmth and well-being hits me. I notice the typical NMDA antagonist numbness in my hands and lip. My nose is still burning from all of this caustic powder so I continue to drink glass after glass of water to counteract the nasal drip and pain.

T+ 9:00 - At this point I am fully immersed in what I can only describe as an intense, dissociative opiate high. I watch a short, 20 minute documentary on arycylclohexamines with my friend, and I completely forget that I have taken a dissociative myself.

T+ 29:00 approx - I decide that I want to try to "feel more" from the experience. I was convinced I would see visuals, and since I hadn't yet, I decided to try taking a large dab of cannabis oil sativa, around half of a gram to see if it had synergy with the 3-MeO-PCP. I can only describe the feeling on exhale as "I think I just made a huge mistake"

Addition of cannabis oil

T+ 32:00 approx - I find myself sitting down, drinking an entire glass of water, waiting a few minutes in complete silence only to excuse myself and leave. I must of thought that I would be better figuring this out by myself. I somehow needed to find my way back to where I am staying and I am determined. From the moment I step outside, I notice how numb, and cold my body is. I feel a sense of dread creeping up on me as I somehow make my way back through in the night. While blinking my eyes, I see, taste and smell fleeting imaages of what can only be described as tinted brown chemical bottles. I start having images of acidic bubbles in my vision, tasting almost as kombucha tastes, with the rainbow color of gasoline as it is seen spilled in a parking lot.

T+ 45:00 approx - I somehow find my way back, and I sit down and open up my laptop. I am breathing heavily. I close my laptop. I have a strong sense of dread. I am convinced that everything I am thinking about I have already thought about before. I assume I have lost my short-term memory at this point, because every time I thought of something, I realized how significant of a conclusion it was. No matter what I thought about, I almost knew what I would think next. My body almost came to a conclusion at this point "you're having a panic attack"

T+ 60:00 approx - At this point I am convinced I am having a panic attack which somehow makes me feel better about the dread that I feel. I am forgetting simple tasks and could not comprehend what I am or had already done. Somehow, I am able to get back to my friend's house after what seems like the whole night. I explain what happens and I am given 0.2mg of Clonidine. I am told of the pharmacology, and I realize through my own research prior how helpful Clonidine is and has been for panic attacks and just getting to sleep. By this point, it must of been around 2:00am.

T+ 150:00 approx - I walk back once again, this time realizing what had happened. I realize how grateful I am to have the friends I have, I feel thankful that I am ok. Realizing I am ok, I am able to enjoy what is left of the experience. For some reason, the same brown-tinted chemical-bottle visualization I was seeing earlier comes back up as I dim the lights in the place I am staying. Suprisingly, this time it feels alot more reflected, but I am truely anesthetized by it all. I am told I said "Dissociatives are weird" and then fell into a clonidine-induced sleep.

Effects analysis