Experience:300mg DXM + 25mg DMT + Cannabis - A crazy night

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Experience reports - DXM and cannabis

  • Date: 11/18/2016
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 79 kg / 174 lbs
  • Age: 18


Holy smokes. Was this a crazy night. Okay, let’s get into it.

I start out picking up two bottles of CVS Tussin (DXM, 300mg). A guy hits me up outside of the store and is insistent on me giving him a ride to his car. I tell him no, but he’s very persistent and feeds me a story about his kids being stuck at daycare. I drive him a couple miles to the drop-off, and then he starts demanding I give him money. I only had seven bucks, and I told him no over and over again, but this fucker was persistent. I finally gave him the money just to get him the hell out of my car. He said he would call me the next day, but I had great doubts (I never got a call..)

After this, I headed over to pick up a friend of mine Lewis from his college dorm. We headed back to my place, and it turns out it was Lewis’s birthday. I said the kush was on the house today, and I rolled up a joint. We smoked and got decently stoned, and then surfed the web reading about drugs. After an hour or so, I rolled up another one, and we smoked it. Then, the DXM began tempting us. I had only taken DXM once before, and that was at least a year ago. Lewis had never taken it, so we decided to pop some capsules. He took the entire container (300mg) and I started with 120mg. From there, we decided that we would uber to a friend of our’s house. I brought the DXM along and planned to take the rest of it as the night went on. Our uber driver was barely literate in English, and his GPS was taking us all over the city. Finally, Lewis used his GPS to get us to our destination, and at this point, we both started feeling the DXM quite nicely. Our friend Slater met us at the door with one of his roommates who was going out to buy alcohol. We chatted for a minute and then headed upstairs to Slater’s room

  • Side note (this will be important later) - I had recently lost my wallet, and I only brought 5$ along with me. Five bucks and a half empty bottle of DXM capsules.

The three of us chatted for a bit, catching up on stories and what’s been going on in each other's lives. I took the rest of the DXM, finishing the entire bottle around 2:30AM. At one point, Slater mentioned that a couple of his roommates had DMT. I was impressed, caught off guard, and yet still somewhat skeptical. It wasn’t until his roommate Alex came up (who had just candy flipped [LSD+MDMA]) and told us a little bit about it. I’d known about DMT since I was a senior in high school, and always had a curiosity, and respectful caution surrounding it. I really didn’t think I would ever come into contact with the spirit molecule. At least not this early.

Alex acknowledged our curiosity and headed back downstairs. Shortly after, he came up with a kind looking man with wide eyes and dilated pupils. Brendan. “You guys want a hit of DMT?”. Was I actually just offered DMT?! “Yes please.” I say, voice sounding that of an excited yet scared child. “Alright.” he says slowly “That’s going to take a little while”. Holy shit. This is actually happening. I’m actually about to smoke DMT. Why tonight? Are these the right circumstances? I’m already tripping on DXM, should I actually smoke DMT?

Some say one of the best tips for psychedelic drugs is “Don’t seek them out, let them come to you”. Tonight was a night where I suddenly had DMT in front of me. After waiting for what seemed like an hour, he returned upstairs with a small glass pipe with some crystals in the bulb at the end of it. There is was. DMT. No funny business with sprinkling it in a weed bowl, or making some weird contraption. The perfect pipe, and a blowtorch to heat it evenly. Oh my God, there it is. I became very anxious. I started to shake a little, and my heart beat increased. I couldn’t believe it was there in front of me, and I was about to take it.

Now, as with just about any drug, there is going to be a cost involved. Brendan was not charging ridiculous prices for DMT at all. “5 a hit.” he said. Oh wow. Perfect. I have exactly five dollars. This reaffirmed my idea that I was meant to smoke DMT tonight. One hit, and nothing more. Nothing more and nothing less. This is the experience that I needed to have.

Brendan and Alex were two very helpful and calming people. I had so many questions for these experienced DMT users. What the experience would be like, how to prepare, and a number of other questions that I was frantically spitting out. I was nervous, and it was apparent. At one point Alex said, “You seem weary”. I said that I was and that I was very nervous going into the experience. They then gently counseled me. “Just let it flow. Don’t have any expectations. Whatever you get out of it is what you get”. These words of wisdom helped me, though my heart was still beating rapidly. I couldn’t imagine any two other people guiding me through my first DMT experience.

The time came to spark the DMT, and Lewis elected to go first. The room became quiet. Even in a large social setting such as this, it was accepted that it must be silent while consuming DMT. Everyone’s eyes were on Noah. He held the pipe, and Brendan held the blow torch close. Lewis inhaled multiple times, getting a small trail of vapor on each inhale. He took quite a few hits and began to shake towards the end. He swayed a little and giggled. This was the first time I had ever seen anyone smoking DMT in person, and it was fascinating.

Shortly after, Brendan moved the pipe over towards me. “Are you ready?” he asked. I muttered out something, and he pulled it back “You're not ready??”. Inside, I felt that the nervousness had been dialed back a small amount, however, it was not completely eliminated. I did not want to chicken out. “No, I’m ready. I’m ready”.

I held the pipe about an inch away from my lips while he heated it up. “When do I inhale?” I asked, quietly. “When you see smoke”. I let out a very light sight and saw a small trail of smoke appear in the freebase pipe. Time to inhale. I sealed my lips around the pipe and inhaled. The pipe filled with milky smoke, and after inhaling for about 5 seconds, I moved the pipe away from my lips and held it in. The smoke wasn’t too harsh, however immediately after exhaling, and positioned myself so I could lay on the ground. Right as my head hit the ground, I felt the spirit molecule surge through my physical vessel.

The room became vibrantly colored and appeared to almost pop out at me. I had visuals similar to this on a dose of LSD, however never this strong or this quickly. There was a sublime poster above me that said, “Just let the lovin’ take hold”. This posters colors all appeared incredibly vibrant and I felt the sheer intensity of this experience. At one point, Lewis burst out into laughter, which began to overwhelm me. I sat up and began to frantically ask “How long will this last?!”. Everyone said five minutes, and this gave me a sense of ease. There was the roommate that I had met at the door, and I was looking around the room for him. I made eye contact with him upstairs, and he was said “Just relax. Take it easy. Just relax”. This gave me such a sense of security and peace.

As I peered around the room, I reeled at this experience. I loved the visual effects this was bringing on, and kept saying “I can’t believe this is DMT”. Then suddenly, all of the anxiousness and all of the worry seemed to drop out of my chest. I said it was as if a million dollars had been lifted off my shoulders. I was no longer shaking or breathing fast. The anxiety and tightness in my chest dissipated, and then I suddenly realized that I was in love. I texted my partner “I’m in love, I’m in love. Oh how my heart flutters, I’m in love”.

I couldn’t believe it. I felt so amazing. My voice became softer and slower, and I said aloud how great I felt. Alex and Brendan were curious about what I had gotten out of this experience. I had in no way nailed down any thoughts about this experience. My words just flowed. I told them I was so incredibly anxious and worried, and these worries had been completely eliminated and replaced with a profound love. They smiled and talked about how much joy it brought them to see people undergoing this experience.

I had been having serious doubts about my relationship over the course of the few months that I’ve been with my partner. I had an oddball of anxiety inside me that I couldn’t seem to get rid of and had doubts that didn’t deserve attention. An indefinable anxiousness. After this DMT experience, that anxiety appears to be completely gone. That tightness in my chest and that constant push to be doing the right thing was eliminated. I felt amazing after smoking DMT.

I asked Brendan for more, however, he said that I would have to wait to take any more. I figured I had an amazing experience, and I would save future steps into the world of DMT for later on. At around 3:30AM, an uber pulled up to Slater’s house and the three of us (Lewis, Slater and me) all hopped in and drove back to my house. From there, we began one of the biggest smoke downs I’ve had in a long time.

They each took some edibles, and then we packed bowl after bowl of weed and kief in my vaporizer solo. After about 4 or 5 vape bowls, and a joint to top it all of, the clock hit 6:30am, and I was on the brink of passing out. I struggled my way up the stairs to my room, and landed in my bed. I slept in until 1:30PM, and woke up feeling..pretty good. I was maybe a tad slower today, however, overall I didn’t feel too much after effects of the large amount of cannabis and DXM. I actually felt pretty good the follow day. Maybe a little high, but overall positive

Submitted by - Wispy

Effects analysis

  • Colour enhancement "The room became vibrantly colored and appeared to almost pop out at me."
  • Anxiety suppression "All of the anxiousness and all of the worry seemed to drop out of my chest."