Experience:30mg Isopropylphenidate - IPPH As A Study Aid

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Experience reports - Isopropylphenidate

  • Date: 25/1/2017
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 45 kg / 100 lbs
  • Age: 20


After a long nap, I needed to get my ass up and get some work done. I decide to test out some Isopropylphenidate. I have done this substance before, the most recent time being about a week ago. I use it as an at home study aid (although the mental effects are quite pleasant). I have experience with Methylphenidate and Ethylphenidate in the past year.

These are notes taken during the experience.

  • 4:22pm - I insufflate my 20mg dose and start working on a history assignment while listening to music. Increased heart rate present by 4:24.
  • 4:55pm - I'm making progress on my assignment, this is a forced stimulation. It feels a bit jittery, reminds me of cocaine more than methylphenidate. I can still focus and am now writing my essay with vigor after reading.
  • 5:02pm - time seems to be going by faster than normal
  • 5:52pm - nearly done with this bitch of an assignment. Motivation enhancement is still strong. My appetite is present and I take a break to eat some dinner. I will probably re-dose after dinner.
  • 6:09pm - I've eaten a pretty big meal. the appetite suppression seems to be less than with methylphenidate. I'm going to finish up this assignment, then dose again and start another. My goal is to work until ~8:30. I have a sedative I will take around that time to ensure that I'm in bed before 10pm and won't experience any comedown effects.
  • 6:25pm - Assignment #1 done. All in all, this provided good focus and motivation enhancement for this assignment, which would've taken a lot longer to complete without the focus enhancement.
  • 6:30pm - Nasally dose another 5mg. compulsive redosing isn't fueled by the euphoria seeking, although the rush is nice. I need to get more of this damned history done. this is a short lasting stimulant, at least in terms of peak mental effects. I'm going to smoke some marijuana and then start on another assignment.
  • 7pm - I decide to nasally dose another 5mg (;
  • 7:47pm - I've gotten a lot done, it was a productive trip, even with the redosing. This is a short-lived and "moreish" drug. I dose ~3mg diclazepam to come down in about 40 minutes. I spend this comedown time working on other things with fervor.
  • 8:21pm - I can feel the stimulant effects being taken over by my sedative and curl up in bed with a book. Overall, I got much more done that I normally would have.

Overall, Isopropylphenidate is a good (and euphoric) study aid. While the stimulation is forced, it is relatively easy to channel the focus and motivation effects (at least at the dosages I was experiencing).

Submitted by Fishcenternicole