Experience:A combination of 25mg 4-AcO-DMT and unknown amount of 6-APB (benzofury)

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Experience reports - 4-AcO-DMT and 6-APB

  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 179 lbs / 81 kg
  • Age: 18


Very recently I orally took 4-aco-dmt and benzofury together. I am a beginner to psychedelics in general, as I have only consumed shrooms (about 2.5 grams once) I took one unknown dosage (small amount of benzofury) and 25mgs of 4-aco-DMT ( or what I was told was that amount) I'm going to do things in time so here's the basic jest of what happened.

T:00 Substance taken, feeling a little tired from the seminar I took earlier, a little bit nauseous for some reason

T:30 starting to feel an adderall like effect, Hands are a bit shaky with a bit of anticipation anxiety

T:45 Rush of euphoria starts to hit, alot like a heavy dose of cannabis

T:50 I turn on rose by the front bottoms, I lay in bed as I'm feeling a heavy body load

T:1:00 I dim the lights in my room from my bed, I give a call to my friend and ask her if she can come over to hang out and trip sit me just incase, I feel the same rush of euphoria wave after wave for the next 25 minutes until I get a heavy feeling in my upper body and notice slight color saturation

T:1:25 the full effects kick in at this point, i'm seeing watery reflections and occasional flashes of light in a gelatin-like enviroment. I notice my friend comes over and I tell her how I finally understand why people take psychedelics, I start laughing uncontrollably and start to get a little more nauseous, but it eventually goes away. my friend smokes some cannabis but for some reason this gets me a bit anxious and I start to freak out a bit, she calms me down and I decide to drink some water. The euphoria doesn't come back but i'm still feeling the watery-gelatin effect. Overall this combo can be dangerous in higher dosage and I don't think i'll experiment with aco again, however benzofury definately.

Submitted by Areaofinfinity

Effects analysis

  • Nausea - "a little bit nauseous for some reason"
  • Anxiety - "a bit of anticipation anxiety" "for some reason this gets me a bit anxious and I start to freak out"
  • Physical euphoria - "Rush of euphoria starts to hit"
  • Brightness alteration - "notice slight color saturation"
  • Geometry - "occasional flashes of light in a gelatin-like enviroment"
  • Laughter - "I start laughing uncontrollably"