Experience:3 Grams of Mushrooms - Reset on my Life, Experiencing Satori and the Cosmic Perspective

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Experience reports - Mushrooms

  • Date: March 2013
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 50 kg / 110 lbs
  • Age: 18 at the time
  • Etc: Tripped day before


For me after this experience nothing was ever the same again. Life was completely different and even though I felt I was given many answers I am only left with a million more questions. It taught me that knowing more really is knowing less or being aware that you never knew anything and still know nothing and never will during this "human trip". I had done a small dose of mushrooms (0.7 grams) the day before mixed with 2 tabs of some RC that was sold to me as "acid" but this day I just ate the mushrooms. I had 3 grams on an empty stomach at 8 a.m. in the morning (which is all I had left) and expected just to "trip balls". Well....I wouldn't exactly call it 'tripping balls' but I went through an experience that was utterly alien/non-physical and extremely dynamic, an emotional journey into nothingness and into..everythingness? All at the same time or at least on the same journey I don't know it's so hard to remember. It started off just really strange, usual anxious shroom come up and I was looking at this lantern that I had in my room that had some cool pattern engravings and I "saw" this strange very eerie etheric "energy" or something sort of wafting through and around the patterns and over the course of the next 2 to 2 1/2 hours I honestly have no idea what happened and I can't remember. It felt like I was juts blasted out; just felt like I went to the furthest corners of the most alien dimensions and realms (mental not visually) and I just remember it being like the tourist ride into hyperspace and higher dimensions. Everything about it felt predetermined and deep. I feel like what happened during that 2 hour period I'm not even "allowed" to remember or bring back what happened there or what I saw/experienced. I never expected such a dramatic almost salvational, hortatory experience to come out of only 3 grams of mushrooms. Wasn't even a big dose but they were great quality.

Anyways I can't remember much from these first few hours all I can really say is I was sitting there in my living room (no longer in my room) watching television (which I never do) because I can't think of anything else to do other than to just sit there. I can't just listen to music because I don't want to deal with it and I can't just use my computer because I don't want to move a lot and do a lot of actions so I just sit and watch T.V. and just get tripped the fuck out by shows and movies and commercials I had never heard of or seen before. But those first 2 hours it felt like my consciousness had transcended to another dimension and my body didn't matter, things were still clearing up.

After this came the peak which is when I really start to remember these things. During the peak I was just sitting watching this commercial and it was this beauty product commercial I guess and time was slowed down and things started to just 'make sense'. Everything started to make sense. It felt like the first 2 hours all the pieces of everything had been taken apart and now they were being put back to together. It was like those first 2 hours was just spent crushing every paradigm I had and completely invalidated every laid down model of reality I thought I had in my head. Never before had my previously laid down models of reality been more up for debate then during this experience. It's almost like the trip had to crush all my ideas and preconceptions about reality so that it could get me ready for what it was going to show me. It had to dress me up before taking me out.

So time is slowed down, this lady from the commercial is looking at me and this is when this were REALLY visual and things were really HD and hyperreal. Incredibly hyperreal and things started to seem very emotional and eternal and felt like coming home. It was so strange yet felt so familiar. Her face looked huge but in a beautiful way and looked like she was popping out at the T.V. She looked like she was coming out of some other dimension and the borders of this dimension were spinning and they looked brightly colored, vibrant luminous Aztec or Mayan patterns that looked like they were drawn by Simon Haiduk. The looked quite organic and solid, extremely intricate too if I really looked close and there was hexagons all around like this geometric netting. Emotionally or mentally and little bit visually it felt like she wanted to "take me deeper"? Whatever that means, if was like she wanted to pull me into this other dimension and she looked very luring about it and almost sexual...in a way...like licentious. It was strange and very other worldly. It looked like she was from spiritual hyperspace or some kind of tryptamine dream dimension. My T.V. or living room felt like the epicenter of this organic dream matrix.

The mushrooms were speaking to me in a very pithy way with strong intent through deep emotion and the woman's facial expressions like a pantomimic show. She told me (emotional/mentally) that humans know nothing. She was like "We have shown you so many things today, things you cannot imagine now do you really think after all of this that humans really know what the hell is going on?"

It made the current human understanding and comprehension look so foolish and so restricted by so many things relating to biology. I also had to feel the sufferings of humanity at one point and go super emotional but the mushrooms in the end rewarded me. They actually LIKED the fact that I was torn up about and feeling compassionate about the sufferings of humanity. It then gave me incredible euphoria better than the best ecstasy. It was like God's ecstasy it was amazing and I saw sacred faces on all surfaces.

After the "blast" though (the first 2/3 hours of the trip) it felt like I had gone somewhere else and had become part of that and knowing that and so when I came back here it was like "wtf".. Because that reality I went to or higher dimension I went to feels more real than this. It was like my consciousness went from 4 dimensional reality back down to 3 dimensional reality but was having trouble coming back. It felt lie coming back down to earth and literally felt like I had to "relearn" everything in the dimension and I was able to reevaluate everything but from this comic almost esoteric perspective. A timeless perspective. Life has never been the same. It showed me anything is possible and every weird or incredible made up sounding thing I've heard since then that has turned out to be real..none of it surprises me anymore because I know any and all things are possible and many of them have already happened.

Submitted by - MountainTraveler

Effects analysis

  • Existential self-realization Realized true knowledge (enlightenment) is just being aware of how little you know and that no matter how smart someone is if they don't know that humans know nothing then they don't really understand anything. I basically learned nobody knows jack shit about what's going on.
  • Rejuvenation - Felt amazing from this trip and still do 3 years later
  • Thought organization- Very intense thought organization, my mind felt fixed.
  • Memory suppression -All my memories of cultural norms and such were wiped away and I also forgot what being sober was like
  • Personal bias suppression -This effect was extremely profound during this experience.
  • Cognitive euphoria - Most intense euphoria I have ever felt in my life.
  • Conceptual thinking - Saw everything outside the context of my humanness
  • Feelings of eternalism - I felt connected to the past and the future and the trip in itself felt like a lifetime or a simulation of a lifetime like it was trying to give me the life and death experience within a 6 hour period.
  • Perceived exposure to inner mechanics of consciousness
  • Mindfulness - Most intense mindfullness I have ever felt in my life
  • Feelings of predeterminism
  • Spirituality enhancement - One of my most spiritual life changing trips it felt like I had gotten a sneak preview to the next life and identified only with my "spirit" or soul
  • Feelings of impending doom - Happened in the beginning
  • Autonomous voice communication The mushrooms told me through the woman on the screen that "human beings know nothing"
  • Emotion enhancement - The trip was extremely emotional and when I saw on the news there was a fire I wanted to help everyone. I got the overwhelming feeling that all human beings should help each other because we're really all on the same team and when you help someone else you're simultaneously helping yourself because there is no separation between you and others so hurting others hurts you as well. The coming home feeling I got also made me very emotional as well.
  • Outrospection - I will never look at the world the same way ever again.
  • Introspection - Made me aware of my negative patterns on behavior
  • Delusion I felt as though I would never step down from this trip and that i had finally come home and going to be "saved".
  • Creativity enhancement - I have been more creative since this one trip over 3 years ago
  • Déjà vu - Extremely intense feelings of familiarity and "returning"
  • Novelty enhancement - Everything felt new and out of context. Utterly alien and utterly beautiful. It was like the highly textured galactic science fiction version of national geographic.
  • Time distortion - Felt like a separate life. Went through life and death it felt like.
  • Unity and interconnectedness - Felt connected to all of humanity and all of its sufferings.
  • Color enhancement - Most dramatic color enhancement I have ever had. This one mushroom trip has made it possible for colors on weed to be fairly brighter; more saturated.
  • Visual acuity enhancement - Once again most dramatic occurrence of acuity enhancement I have ever experienced and I believe this has had a long term effect on me to some degree.
  • Pattern recognition enhancement - Saw faces everywhere and they came alive as well. Pareidolia
  • Colour shifting - Saw colors changing on my television and making aztec/mayan patterns.
  • Depth perception distortions and Perspective distortions - My T.V. looked very far away at one point and very close at others. The woman's face during the commercial was also sticking out of the T.V. at me and at times should feel galaxies apart. Everything was very scalable.
  • Diffraction - I experienced this when going outside in the sun with my friend
  • Symmetrical texture repetition
  • Visual haze This wasn't like the usual visual haze that I've gotten from mushrooms before but in the beginning of the trip there was this "hazy" etheric energy flowing through a lantern in my room right at the time I felt impending doom.
  • Geometry - Saw extremely hard to describe complex organic-like geometry. Very hyperbolic in its appearance and form and felt very hyperspace-like.
  • Perspective alterations - Felt like I could see behind the mechanics of reality which seemed to be controlled by transdimensional beings.
  • Settings, sceneries, and landscapes - It felt like I had traveled to different dimensions and such.