Experience:15mg 15x Salvia extract - Becoming a machinescape

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Experience reports - Salvia divinorum

  • Dosage: 15 mg 15x salvia divinorum extract
  • ROA: Smoked
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5'10" / 178 cm
  • Weight: ~125 lbs / 57 kg
  • Setting: Inside my flat with my girlfriend who is trip sitting me
  • Medication: 300 mg spironolactone / 8 mg estradiol daily
  • Date: 01/03/2018
  • Subjective effect tracker PDF



7:44 pm - I loaded up 15mg of "15x" extract into a bong. I then lit it up with a with a mini torch lighter while listening to Queen of all everything by OTT.

Less than 30 seconds later - The trip immediately hit me like a tonne of bricks. My vision separated into multiple sections in a manner which was based on my actual environment. I realize that I can't remember who I am but I can see glimpses of the real world between the sections. I became a cog/tooth of a vast slowly rotating gear that was hundreds of meters tall. There were four gears of equal size alongside of each other. High above this giant gear was a ceiling that was actually my carpet. I was descending down into darkness as the cog rotated. As I descended into the earth, I tried to hold on to the memory that I am Josie and that I just smoked salvia. I quickly realize I can't even remember that but still vaguely understood that I should attempt to just wait this out and not worry or try to act on my confusion because I'll end up saying something stupid.

Seconds later, I immediately forgot that social norms are a concept which exists and started repeatedly saying things like “holy shit” “this is insane” "this is crazy" "I remember this" “whoa” "document this."

As I continued being a tooth of a cog in a larger machinescape, I start realizing that this salvia was definitely stronger than 15x and might even be 50x. I started laughing manically about that. I found it hilarious that I had accidentally overdosed but was also concerned that whatever I was in the real world (which I had no memory or concept of) was going to lose control and do something terrible. After what felt like a minute or two I quickly realized who I was, that I'm in a room with my girlfriend, and what that even meant. My girlfriend informed me that I had been out for around ten minutes. The entire experience felt like 2 minutes at the most.

7:55 pm - I regain enough lucidity to start writing out the rough notes of this trip report.

7:58 pm - At this point, I'm mostly sober but still feeling cognitive suppressions, my vision looks like it has no depth perception, and different sections or objects within my sight look as if they hold some greater abstract significance, in a way which is difficult to describe. I'm feeling even more depersonalized than usual, and my body feels as if every single one of its nerve endings are being steadily activated in a motionless and consistent manner.

8:30 pm - I'm feeling completely sober at this point.


This was my first salvia trip in over a year. I was expecting this to be a threshold dosage with very mild physical effects. Although during the trip, I was under the impression that this is much stronger than a 15x extract. After seeing how my girlfriend responded so mildly to this batch of salvia, I now believe that it is indeed a 15x extract and that the reverse tolerance which salvia produces is still present within my brain, even though it has been around seven years since I last used salvia on a regular basis.

I now recall that as a teenager around the age of 17-18, I used to smoke salvia and break through every single day for months at a time. Over this period, I began needing less and less salvia to trip and could eventually ego death on even small amounts of unprocessed leaf powder. Before the trip, this had completely slipped my mind, and I did not expect the reverse tolerance to last this long.

This salvia trip was easily one of the most intense and bizarre experiences I have ever been through, at least since my last salvia trip over a year ago. There is something incredibly strange and unique about this drug. I now intend to experiment with this 1 gram bag on a semi-daily basis while documenting every single experience it induces.

Thanks for reading.

Submitted by Josikins

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