Experience: 300mg DXM (Oral) - Brink of the third

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  • Date: 07/13/2020
  • Age: 19
  • Sex: F
  • Height: 5'4" / 162 cm
  • Weight: 52 kg / 115 lbs    
  • Substance: DXM 15mg Gelcaps, 25mg DPH to help with nausea. (20 DXM pills, 1 DPH pill)
  • Setting: Parent's house, my room.
  • Misc: I take 150mg of Bupropion XL every night (which is known to potentiate DXM). This was my 6th time tripping with DXM.


At around 3pm, I took out 20, 15mg, DXM Gelcaps from the bottle, and 1 single 25mg DPH pill. I was mostly hoping to go somewhere close to the third plateau, and I think I got pretty close, I have a weak liver and the bupropion heavily potentiates DXM. The DPH was to help with nausea, which didn't end being a good idea for me. DPH is actually potentiated by my medication as well, although I do not know which one? Perhaps the Bupropion.

So I took the pills, then waited and played osu! and talked with my boyfriend over discord. at around the 30min mark I started feeling heavy and drowsy, probably from the DPH which always makes me feel that way. I was thinking the DXM would probably wake me up, and it did! Although I felt very heavy during the trip but that might have been because that was the highest (high for me) dose that I took at the time. After about 30 more minutes, I started feeling the DXM come up, it was very intense but I surprisingly didn't have any nausea at all, the DPH had worked well! It felt very euphoric as this was the highest dose I had done so far but also felt very heavy and groggy because of the DPH, so it was kind of a weird feeling although enjoyable.

For a while I stared at my ceiling and it genuinely looked like it was shifting and moving around, the spots on my ceiling looked like waves and I could see many small patches of brown dots all over it, which I don't notice now. Heavy dissociation as well, and my body was almost completely sedated as touch was weird and I did not feel pain.

Fun mirages: I've always had this way of doing DXM but I would lay down on my bed with headphones, blast loud music (mostly things with heavy bass like EDM and Electro House or whatever) and simply lay down, chill, and put my arm around my eyes to block all light. Closing my eyes, I instantly felt like I was looking into a dark void instead of just my closed eyelids, then started seeing soft flashes of light and then my imagination started becoming extremely clear and vivid (Note: I had been reading Dorohedoro for a few days before this). If I tried to "unfocus" my eyes, my imagination would take over and I would be thrown into the hallways of the Dorohedoro manga, it was quite disturbing as my music was kind of scary and I saw vivid images of gigantic monsters pulling an entire city from their arms, a girl's eyes being gouged out with a scalpel (as well as feeling like I could softly feel the scalpel cut my own eyes), then her head ripping off and coming out with the spine. Although those scary vivid "dream" like states stopped as soon as I took off my headphones.

With nicer music I usually tried to focus on the actual closed eye  visuals of the drug, they were mostly geometric-like shapes, like cogs and triangles or snowflakes, fractals I think? They were super pretty to look at and changed subtly with the music as I laid there for a good 15mins or 30mins listening to songs on my bed, describing what I was seeing to my boyfriend. Occasionally vivid hallways of fractals came into my vision fast and faded and then came back in black and white, manga panel style.

Time Distortion: Time felt extremely slow, everything looked slow in fact as my pupils were about 90% dilated. 2mins felt like an hour and an hour felt like 5 hours. Everytime I would close my eyes and see things, it would feel like an actual place I went to.

Immersion: The dissociation made it extremely easy for me to think I was actually in the videos I was watching, I watched alot of AMVs and genuinely felt like I was a part of those videos, it gave me a lot of intense euphoria and I felt extremely satisfied, like I had spent an entire summer with my friends, but it had only been 4 minutes. Also the food tasted god awful and I couldn't feel my tongue.

OEVs?: After about 6 hours or so of doing nothing but talking, being happy, feeling like I was on the verge of cumming because of how intense and amazing music felt, and generally a lot of staring, I headed to bed and closed off all my lights, my room was in pure darkness. I stared into the deep void with my eyes open, I could see vivid stroke-like geometrical patterns everywhere, the extremely faint light from the outside slowly shifted and turned and my room was waving around and everything looked like I was looking at a video, I stared at it for a good 20mins in pure awe over what my brain could do. I had intense tracers from small amounts of light and when I checked my phone, it would look like it lagged behind time at 30fps and everything looked extremely smoothened and pretty, if I stared into my phone, the surrounding darkness would turn into a galaxy and stars would appear, time would feel like it almost froze I was incredibly happy.

Afterglow: I fell asleep after that but kept waking up every hour, so my sleep wasn't very good (Slept for 7 hours), still felt high the next day but a lot less high than before, I think this was an afterglow and during the afterglow my muscles were still not very well coordinated, I couldn't pee very well and generally music still felt orgasmic, I felt light euphoria and was generally a lot more empathetic. This afterglow lasted about 3 days. (Probably because I take bupropion every night and that might potentiate the remaining dxm in my system).

Submitted by - ninacchi.

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