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Experience Reports - 3-MeO-PCE

  • Date: September 2016
  • Substance: 3-MeO-PCE (AKA Ethoxycyclidone)
  • Class/Type: Dissociative/NMDAr antagonist (PCP/PCE Analogue)
  • Dose: 18 mg total (9 mg starter + 9 mg booster 6 hours later) (sublingual)
  • Gender: MtF
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 5'8" / 173 cm
  • Body Weight: 63.5 kg / 140 lbs
  • Potential Tolerance Factors: Subject (KTDA) is a 4-5 year long explorer of various compounds with dissociative properties. Her experiment log indicates she has tried 8 different compounds that are principally thought to block the NMDA receptor, to varying extents and degrees. Nevertheless, due to using them (mostly) responsibly and in moderation (about once very two months, sometimes twice, with long break periods). She estimates taking a total of 2-3g Ketamine life-time, 2g MXE, 5-8 DXM trips, less than 1.5g total of both DCK and O-PCE, less than 300mg 3-MeO-PCP, to give some sense of tolerance and history. Subject subjectively rates herself as having a detectable but otherwise insignificant and mild permatolerance to this class of compounds.
  • Relevant Consumption History: Subject had recently built up a moderate tolerance cannabis, which was consumed in moderate amounts throughout the experience. No recent significant dissociative exposure otherwise.



11:30am - Material ingested sublingually; mild chemical notes detected but nothing too bad, the material felt very liable to absorbing into the membranes. A mild electric sensation was noted. Not unpleasant to gum at all provided you have a chaser.

11:39am - First alerts, sensation of faster penetration through my BBB than expected, despite being at its early stages, onset very overt and dopaminergic-feeling. I briefly consider for a moment whether I want to take more later on -- a pattern that I've noted I experience shortly after taking other compounds with strong dopaminergic, compulsive-redosing components -- before deciding to wait and see.

12:48pm - While overtly kicking in, the effects are still in noticeably in the early stages of their development. Subject decided to smoke some cannabis and eat some food while waiting for the effects to take hold, in case strong anorexic effects would develop like with traditional stimulants (which they did). Prominent come-up feeling registered, with distinct manic/stimmy undertones, electricity in the body.

12:50pm - Increase in subject's baseline level of tinnitus, which is not unusual with this class of compounds and something that was mostly expected. Feeling pretty altered and feel noticeable urge to increase the dose now, though my rational/higher-cognitive-roder self was still in-tact tells me to wait another hour or two to let the full effects develop, based on presumed similarity with the subject's past 3-MeO-PCP experiences and knowledge of kinetics and the very subtle way it manifests.

12:59pm - Thoughts and mind beginning to race (in a rather controlled, manic and enjoyable fashion). A bit of RLS and other signs of classical arylcyclohexylamines energy/stimulation noted. Very reminiscent of 3-MeO-PCP but with more of a push and presence in the body, rather than a sense of serotonergic warmth and sedation -- dopaminergia?

1:04pm - Time dilation and pleasurable-neutral disorientation noted distinctly. A general sense of restlessness and mania but hard to pinpoint. Could be more due to the cannabis clouding my mind. Overall, I don't feel cognitively scrambled or monged out, my mind making mental connections sharply and fluidly despite just being flashes unable to held on-to.

1:27pm - Appetite noticeably suppressed.

3:15pm - Feeling a little speedy and cognitively lateralized as opposed to anesthetized or frozen. Moderate short-term memory impairments but no reduction in basic motor skills such as that required to text people and do laundry and the dishes (do not know if such faculties would have been retainable had I been dissociative-naive).

3:53 - Feeling rather motivated and good about the future, I decided to be productive. So I washed some dishes I had been meaning to wash and threw some trash bags out. Feeling cognitively hazy but still serene and very much in control. Tinnitus has dissipated and subject notes a vague, mild sense of euphoric stone-ed-ness.

4:18pm - Took a shower and observed how much of an anesthetic influence this compound was exerting -- very little (suspect there might have been a little bit more with 3-MeO-PCP). Relative to each other, 3-MeO-PCE feels more "in the mind" than "in the body" compared to 3-MeO-PCP.

5:25pm - Redosed 9mg sublingually.

5:30pm - Mild tinnitus spike, no detectable increase in intensity but can feel it begin to extend the experience. Feeling motivated and in-tact enough to socialize online.

5:47pm - In the middle of conversation with friend, she asks if I want to go see a show that just happened to have one of my favorite artists playing not-too-far away (actually, I knew he was playing but didn't have anyone else to go with so I wrote it off). Having spent a significant amount of time listening to his albums deeply dusted and wanting to hear it live, I decide I am mentally in-tact and motivated enough to go. So I take 1mg ativan to smoothen out some of manic stimmy/manic undercurrents and head out.

5:47pm - 9:30pm - Overall level of dissociation was mild enough I could pass as sober (as my friend later verified when I full-disclosed on her and she had no clue), conversation was a tiny bit slow/slurry if you paid attention but still fairly smooth, coordinated and coherent. Don't know whether to chalk it up to my experience/tolerance or the effects compound. Either way, I felt very much at peace, open and relaxed, enjoying the weather and eventually the show. No noticeable visual distortions or frame-lagging. Altered so that everything had a sheen of novelty but not impaired. The effects felt like they had mostly worn off by 7-7:30pm. Came back home feeling fairly refreshed, feeling mild residual stimulation, chilled out a bit and took 2mg etizolam to go to sleep.

Total Duration Estimate: 6-8h


Based off this, cannot tell whether this is more or less potent than 3-MeO-PCP. The reports I've read seem to indicate the former, but I've heard some say otherwise. At this level it was hard to gauge, but it definitely felt like it at least "kicked in" faster than 3-MeO-PCP. Shorter or longer duration overall? Hard to say from this experience. They seemed pretty similar, but I am not an expert in this class of compounds. YMMV.

This is total baseless speculation and subjective observation, but 3-MeO-PCE seemed to be on the whole "sharper" or "colder" than 3-MeO-PCP with 3-MeO-PCP being relatively "fuzzier" or "warmer" (perhaps a function of 3-MeO-PCP's higher degree of serotonin affinity relative to dopamine (IIRC)?). Seemed to have very little bodily-anesthetic action and seemed to be more selective for CNS modulation/stimulation, resulting in a sense of edginess that some might find unpleasantly adrenergic. The subject enjoyed this effect at this dose however. Noted it for being cognitively warping yet still pretty lucid. Thoughts at the very least, seem crisper and more novel than they might otherwise be. Perceptive minds should enjoy the relatively ego-preserving and non-inebriating effect compared to compounds like, say, ketamine or DXM.

A very prominent property of 3-MeO-PCE (and 3-MeO-PCP as well) is that it possesses a strong and noticeable compulsion to redose, which should be considered a unique and marked risk of this compound as it is not as "in-your-face" compulsive but instead has more of that innocuous-seeming "lulling" compulsive style, that always seems to be inviting you deeper and deeper into the hole even if the higher order you know that place is ultimately not where you started wanting to end up. If your guard is not up around this, it can make you behave as a fiend from the outsiders perspective even though in your own head everything seems perfectly rational as it never produces a curious effect that doesn't subtly insinuate more are to be had (a result or underlying predisposition of whatever makes it so liable to producing mania I imagine).

AFAIK the toxicity of 3-MeO-PCE is unknown/unstudied and should be treated as potentially hazardous. If however, it is like its parent compound PCE and analogue PCP itself, some degree of neuro and other forms of biotoxicity can be reasonably expected (open to being challenged on this though), at least when abused. As a result users are advised to treat this compound very seriously and use it only sparingly, due to how powerful and long lasting it is..

For those who like to reach for deep, enveloping, dissociative hole states, this experimenter advises extreme caution and subject looking into other dissociative compounds, like ketamine. Reason being that 3-MeO-PCE can produce a hole (which the Subject has experienced, but that's a separate trip report), but the amount it takes to take you there brings with it a host of other potentially dangerous mental effects. The dose-response curve for this is steep and the significant duration makes it so if you push it too far, you risk losing control of the steering wheel entirely, so to speak. While pleasant and malleable at the lower doses, it is very much unforgiving, dangerous and unpredictable when pushed above this point. It is not a compound to go chasing disso-holes on due to all the peripheral effects that begin to stack on each other. Overall, this compound is to be recommended for very experienced dissociative users only -- especially at high doses -- and only with the proper equipment, research and backup safety measures (like benzodiazepines and an experienced tripsitter).


Overall this experimenter rates 3-MeO-PCE as a more manic, stronger, but also somewhat subtler version than 3-MeO-PCP, which is also very much manic, strong and subtle. It possesses more of a mental or psychic push/edge which the experimenter suspects can make it much more liable to the subtle self-induced triggering of manic psychosis when overdosed or overused. More importantly however, its compulsive/reinforcing aspects combined with its potency and easy-to-underestimate protracted onset should lead any experimenter to treat this with only the utmost caution and respect. Experimenters are strongly advised against ever eyeballing this material or redosing within a window of 2 to 2.5 hours.

The experimenter would also like to note personally how many countless reports there are of of people (some of them very experienced and skilled/responsible/knowledgeable drug takers) landing in deep trouble with this stuff, which she suspects is due to the fact that it has the unique property of not being overtly inebriating, preserving one's functionality (or at least sense of) and thus can be dosed often and continuously/regularly for long periods of time before the true negative effects manifest (most often in the form of a classic PCP-esque trainwreck meltdown). As a result, she recommends not using this and similar compounds any more than once a month at most for the best HR practice.

Personal (Subjective) Rating: 7.7/10

Submitted by - Anonymous

Effects analysis

  • Compulsive redosing - "I briefly consider for a moment whether I want to take more later on -- a pattern that I've noted I experience shortly after taking other compounds with strong dopaminergic, compulsive-redosing components "
  • Stimulation - "distinct manic/stimmy undertones"
  • Spontaneous tactile sensations - "electricity in the body"
  • Thought acceleration - "Thoughts and mind beginning to race (in a rather controlled, manic and enjoyable fashion)"
  • Time distortion - "Time dilation and pleasurable-neutral disorientation noted distinctly."
  • Thought connectivity - "my mind making mental connections sharply and fluidly despite just being flashes unable to held on-to."
  • Memory suppression - "Moderate short-term memory impairments "
  • Motivation enhancement - "Feeling rather motivated and good about the future"
  • Tactile suppression - "Took a shower and observed how much of an anesthetic influence this compound was exerting"