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I consider it my responsibility to approach the field of 'psychonautics' through a purely scientific stand-point without interference from any attributed 'spirituality' and separation from what some (including me) could consider pseudo-scientific conjectures in relation to such a controversial experimental field. It is my mission to treat psychonautics as a true science along with the posting of my studies and experiments for the good of the scientific community. It is my hope that following these responsibilities may one day ensure that psychonautics will eventually be considered a valid scientific field of study free from controversy and/or disapproval by peers and laypeople alike.


"There's nothing too insane for a madman, that a madman won't do" --Isopropanol, 2015

"the modern behaviour of recreational drug use stemmed retro-ultimately from two handsome teen males in a private building sharing a cannabis cigar somewhere in an ancient vaguely Græco-Roman city." --Isopropanol, 2015

"All language changes start by one person thinking, "I'm going to say this a certain way, and let's see if it catches on." with the ones that do catch on spreading, and the ones that didn't catch on becoming a great disappointment for the original innovator." --Isopropanol, 2015

Personal Accomplishments: ☑ Fuck a shadow-person.

☑ Get molested by a hallucinated entity.

☑ Manage to scare someone away using boring linguistic-speak.

☑ Turn into a stone statue

☑ Defecate my head out/through my anus.

Drug of choice

Diphenhydramine (AKA "Devil in The Pink-Pills" [pun intended])

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Inorganic Chemist, Computational Linguist, Nuclear Chemist.

About me

I am an inorganic chemist and computational linguist with an unusual amount of experience with, and knowledge about, deliriant drugs of all kinds (and yes, I honestly enjoy deliriants for recreation and consider them 'fun').

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posted 491 days ago

I am very impressed with your work, and would love to discuss some of your trips sometime.

posted 3596 days ago

Hey there Iso :D Thanks for being awesome