Experience: 32mg 2C-B - Bromo Mescaline

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Experience reports - 2C-B

  • Date: 11/15/2015
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 80 kg / 176 lbs
  • Age: 28


This was my fourth experience with Bromo Mescaline / 2C-B and B's second. In previous trials, I had consumed 10 and 15 mg orally with cannabis. In B's first experience he had consumed 15 mg with a 6 mg supplement and he did not use cannabis. In the following experience B and myself both took an initial dose of 25 mg Bromo Mescaline followed by a supplemental dose of 7 mg at T+4 hours.

Subjects are two males approximately 80 kg. We consumed cannabis occasionally and had several experiences with LSD-25, ETH-LAD, and psilocybin.

The setting for the experience was a basement room with white walls and no windows, with comfortable furniture and a computer desk. On the computer monitors there appeared a slideshow of fine art paintings and drawings, changing every two minutes. Most of the experience occurred in a pregnant silence.

Before taking the 2C-B dose, T and B shared approximately 0.5 g of vaporized cannabis hash at a friend's house at 1005. T and B then moved to T's muted basement, where 50 mg of 2C-B was weighed out on a milligram scale that was determined to be accurate to +/- 3 mg. They then dissolved the solid into 50 ml tap water. The solubility was very good at this density. Using a volumetric pipette the solution was split into two vials, 2 mL each.

At 1045, T and B orally ingested 25 mg 2C-B by drinking the contents of vials.

At 1058, B perceived a change described as an increase in energy. B noted that he was concerned about how 2C-B would interact with his memory of a traumatic fracture in his arm sustained from an automobile accident. In B's first experience, he was forced to revisit the feeling and memory of that fracture, which manifested in the arm opposite the actual injury. This was an uncomfortable experience for B. He related to Shulgin's comment at Bromo Mescaline’s entry in PiHKAL, "There are people who choose not to go into the corporeal but, rather, prefer the out-of-body experience." B was apprehensive not knowing if the 'physical memory' he had experienced the first time would take over the experience once again.

At 1109, B walked to the bathroom and while there noticed moving shadows and subtle lines in the periphery of his vision, which he described as "echoy waves." At the same time, T is noticing undulation in the pattern of the carpet and an intensification of the light emitted from the computer monitors and ceiling lighting fixtures.

At 1115, all lights were turned down save for what T described as brilliant and intense colors emitted from the computer monitors. T felt that this change facilitated a greater focus on 2C-B's effects.

At 1118, B reported tinnitus, severe in his right ear and mild in the left.

At 1123, T noted a perceived increase in heart rate.

At 1140, T noted that both the visual and psychological effects were taking hold, although those effects were ill-defined at this point and seemingly mild in comparison to other psychedelic experiences. Both T and B express that experience is "nice."

At 1150, T was experiencing CEVs distinct from other tryptamines he had known, in that the visuals could not stay in view long enough to appreciate before another visual pattern replaced it. The visuals T experienced were described as 'colorful static' and 'a complete breakdown of entropy', similar in many ways to abstract expressionist paintings (though none of these were shown on the computer slideshow). T opened his eyes and looked up at the computer monitors, the only source of light in the room, but quickly looked away because the screen's light had become too intense. B said the same thing had happened to him, but with an auditory hallucination described as an undulation of the fan noise from the computer.

At 1158, B noted a change in how he was perceiving voices. He also noted a change in the perception of time, connected to his body--B said the left side of his body felt as if it was being drawn out, operating more slowly, while the right side of his body felt accelerated. B noted that prominent distortions appeared on edges of things he was looking at.

Shortly after this, B noted that he was consumed by thoughts about how others perceive him, especially related to knowledge he has acquired from Wikipedia. B mused on the topic of how psychedelic molecules can intersect with the creation of art and talked earnestly about working on artistic projects in the future.

At 1210, B noted further self-reflective thoughts. B noted feeling absolution and resolution of internal conflicts. His vision was filled with soft lines and curls. B said he 'felt like fabric.'

At 1215, a monochrome painting appeared on the computer's slideshow. B perception of the painting was not monochrome, but variegated, pulsating colors.

At 1220, T and B began vaporizing cannabis. T described the effect as adding an additional, distinct layer to the experience. T did not feel that cannabis had a strong of a synergistic effect that was noted with other tryptamines, for example.

At 1225, B launched paint.net on the computer and created an imaged described as interference patterns. B said that he was able to manipulate the image using paint.net to match what he was feeling at the time. At 12:41 B completed the image.

At 1353, it was noted that conversation continued in a lucid manner, although T noted difficulty maintaining a linear focus.

At 1445, (T+4 hours) T and B repeated the volumetric dosing procedure described above, this time weighing out 14 mg 2C-B and resulting in a supplemental dose of 7 mg. They then each took 100 mg 5-HTP to maintain serotonin production and promote positive sleep and a softer landing coming off the 2C-B.

At 1500, T and B continued used of cannabis and a nicotine vaporizer. The effects, according to T, were mildly synergistic. They discontinued use of the vaporizer after a few hits, preferring to not distort the 2C-B effects any further.

Shortly after, B said he was able to resolve/reconcile the memory of the impact fracture, which played an important part of the previous 2C-B experience. In his second experience, at a higher dose and with cannabis, the memory of the impact fracture was not present.

T's observation was that the 5-HTP resulted in a pleasant sleep, which was effortless at 1800. He woke up renewed and refreshed the following day.

Effects analysis

  • Increased heart rate "noted a perceived increase in heart rate."
  • Auditory hallucination: "reported tinnitus, severe in his right ear and mild in the left."
  • Rejuvenation "He woke up renewed and refreshed the following day."
  • Time distortion: "He also noted a change in the perception of time"
  • Creativity enhancement: "he was able to manipulate the image using paint to match what he was feeling at the time."
  • Drifting (melting, flowing, breathing and morphing): "undulation in the pattern of the carpet and an intensification of the light emitted from the computer monitors and ceiling lighting fixtures," "moving shadows and subtle lines in the periphery of his vision"
  • Catharsis: "he was able to resolve/reconcile the memory of the impact fracture"