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Volumetric liquid dosing is the process of dissolving a compound in a liquid to make it easier to measure. In the interest of harm reduction, it is important to use volumetric dosing with certain compounds that are too potent to measure with traditional weighing scales. This technique makes it possible to use a cheap $30 scale and still measure accurately to a few milligrams.[1]


Talk about safety concerns such as needle sharing transmitting blood-borne disease between users, abscessed infections of injection sites, reusing needles, etc


  • Milligram scale
  • Sealed storage bottle or container - note: the solution may degrade with exposure to light. There are dark colored 15ml bottles [1] that minimize exposure to light.
  • Paper, tape, and a writing utensil to label the bottle


Certain psychoactive substances (particularly benzodiazepines) are practically insoluble in water, but will dissolve at various concentrations in other easy-to-acquire solvents.

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