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Do not trust underground brand names, they are easily falsified

The previously good reputation of 'Mistubishi's' amongst ecstasy-users has been dealt a blow with the discovery of deadly batches (PMA has been found in White Mitsubishi,[1] PMMA has been found in Red Mitsubishi[2])

Poly drug use refers to the use of two or more psychoactive drugs in combination to achieve a particular effect. In many cases one drug is used as a base or primary drug, with additional drugs to leaven or compensate for the side effects of the primary drug and make the experience more enjoyable with drug synergy effects, or to supplement for primary drug when supply is low.

A study among treatment admissions found that it is more common for younger people to report polydrug drug use.[3]

Common combinations

Drug 1 Drug 2 Drug 3 Poly drug name[4] Intoxication name Comment
Any drug Black tar heroin Whoonga Widespread use in South Africa
Any drug Cannabis Amp joint Marihuana cigarette laced with some form of narcotic
Any drug Nicotine Cooler A cigarette laced with a drug
Any depressant Any stimulant Over and under
Any pharmaceutical Any pharmaceutical Polypharmacy. Pharming
Any synthetic opioid Any opioid Gray death
8-chlorotheophylline Diphenhydramine Nonproprietary name: Dimenhydrinate. Street slang: drama, dime" dime tabs, D-Q, substance D, d-house, and drams.[5] Dramatizing or "going a dime a dozen", a reference to the amount of Dramamine tablets generally necessary for a trip.[6]
Alcohol Caffeine Caffeinated alcoholic drink
Alcohol Cannabis Herb and Al Cross fading
Alcohol Cocaine Snow-coning Metabolized into a cocaethylene
Alcohol Nicotine Nicotini
Amphetamine Cocaine Snow seals
Banisteriopsis caapi β-Carbolines containing plants (eg Peagnum harmala) Ayahuasca, changa
Caffeine Cannabis Hippie-speedballing
Caffeine Methamphetamine Biker's coffee, Ya ba
Cannabis Crack-cocaine Crack weed (less known: champagne, chronic, cocktail, dirty joint, fry daddy, gimmie, gremmies, juice joint, lace, oolies, p dog, primo, splitting, thirty eight, turbo, wollie, yeola) Cocoa puffs[7]
Cannabis Crack-cocaine PCP Jim Jones
Cannabis DXM Nicotine Candy blunt
Cannabis Heroin Atom bomb, stuff
Cannabis Heroin or opium A-bomb
Cannabis Opium Buddha
Cannabis PCP Killer weed (less known: clickums, donk, dust blunt, illies, illing, leak, love leaf, lovelies, parsley, zoom)
Cannabis Nicotine Blunt, joint, spliff Stoned A rolled marijuana cigarette usually made with rolling paper. A blunt is a cigar hollowed out and filled with marijuana. It is rolled with the tobacco-leaf "wrapper" from an inexpensive cigar. Blunts take their name from Phillies Blunt brand cigars.
THC CBD Nonproprietary name: Nabiximols
Cocaine Heroin Snowball, murder one, whiz bang Snowballing
Cocaine Heroin LSD Frisco special[8]
Cocaine Heroin Nicotine flamethrower, primos Cigarette laced with cocaine and heroin
Cocaine Heroin or morphine Speedball, powerball Speedballing, powerballing Speedballing, powerballing is often used to describe intravenous use. The term can also be applied to use of pharmaceutical opioids, benzodiazepines or barbiturates along with stimulants.
Cocaine Ketamine CK1
Cocaine LSD Cracid (or outer limits)
Cocaine Morphine C & M
Codeine Glutethimide Pancakes and syrups Combination of glutethimide and codeine cough syrup
Codeine Promethazine Medicines: Kefei and Procodin. Street slang: Lean, also known as purple drank, and oil. Less known as: sizzurp, lean, syrup, drank, barre, purple jelly, Texas tea, dirty Sprite, and Tsikuni)
Crack-cocaine Heroin Chocolate rock, dragon rock, eightball, moonrock, smoking gun, tar
Crack-cocaine LSD Outerlimits
Crack-cocaine Methamphetamine Fire, twisters
Crack-cocaine PCP Nicotine Ozone PCP and crack cigarette
Crack-cocaine PCP Missile basing, P-funk, space basing,[9] spaceball, space cadet, space dust, tragic magic
Crack-cocaine Nicotine Coolie, crimmie, woolas A cigarette laced with crack
DMT MAOIs Pharmahuasca
DXM Psilocybin or psilocybin mushroom Cherry-bombing
GHB Methamphetamine Cherry meth
Hashish Atropa belladonna Alamout Black Hash[10] Mixed
Hashish LSD Royal Temple Ball The hashish is mixed with LSD and rolled into a ball intended for oral use, because LSD cannot be smoked.
Hashish Opium Black hash
Heroin Morphine New Jack swing
LSD Nitrous oxide Gasid
LSD PCP Black acid
LSD Psilocybin or psilocybin mushroom God's flesh
LSD MDMA 2C-B Ali Flip Ali Flipping Ali Flipping is a mix of a Candy Flip and a Nexus Flip.
MDMA 2C-B Nexus flip, honey flip[11] Nexus flipping, honey flipping
MDMA 2C-E Sparkle flip[12] Sparkle flipping
MDMA 2C-I Science flip Science flipping
MDMA 2C-T-7 Lucky flip Lucky flipping
MDMA Alcohol Tipsy flip Tipsy flipping
MDMA Cocaine Sugar flip[13] Sugar flipping
MDMA Cocaine LSD Candy-flip on a string Candy-flipping on a string
MDMA DMT Shaman flip, time flip Shaman flipping, time flipping
MDMA DXM Robo flip[14] Robo flipping
MDMA GHB Gamma flip[15] Gamma flipping
MDMA Ketamine Kitty flip[16] Kitty flipping
MDMA Ketamine GHB EKG. The "E" is for Ecstasy.
MDMA LSD Candy flip[17] Candy flipping
MDMA LSD Psilocybin or psilocybin mushroom Jedi flip, twilight flip[18][19] Jedi flipping, twilight flipping
MDMA MDEA Adam and Eve
MDMA Mescaline or psychedelic cactus Love flip[20] Love flipping
MDMA Methadone Chocolate flip Chocolate flipping
MDMA Methamphetamine Trailer flip Trailer flipping
MDMA Nitrous oxide Nox
MDMA Opiates Poppy flip Poppy flipping
MDMA PCP Elephant flip[21] Elephant flipping
MDMA Psilocybin or psilocybin mushroom Hippy flip, flower flip[22])[23] Hippy flipping, flower flipping
MDMA Psilocybin or psilocybin mushroom Cocaine Flower flip on a string, hippie flip on a string Flower flipping on a string, hippie flipping on a string
MDMA Sildenafil Sextasy (or hammerheading)[24]
MDMA DPH Nightmare flip Nightmare flipping
PCP Nicotine Chipping
Psilocybin Any MAOI Psilohuasca
Xylazine Fentanyl Tranq
DXM DPH Counter flip Counter flipping

2C-B + ketamine

DM Turner:

  • "Taking Ketamine while on 2C-B has produced some absolutely spectacular experiences. I've used this combination some 30-40 times and have never failed to hit the mark." "Another important benefit of combining Ketamine with 2C-B is that recall of the experience is significantly increased. Visiting this realm of cosmic fun and knowledge but coming back with only the faintest recollection of what one's experienced can be frustrating, and leave one feeling that something is missing. Such was a common feeling with much of my early Ketamine experimentation. But since I began using Ketamine with 2C-B, I find I can now access my memory at any time, and recall in a fair amount of detail many exotic and fascinating experiences."[25]
  • "One problem I find with Ketamine is that the experience is difficult to bring back and reintegrate with routine reality. Memory of the experience is even difficult. Within hours after coming back, 99% of the experience is inaccessible to my current conscious mind. The Ketamme experience is so bizarre and otherworldly that a normal mind can't even conceive of experiencing in this manner. It feels as though some part of the mind protectively closes off access to the dimensions experienced on Ketamine. I've recently found a method that is proving effective at solving this problem. This is to take Ketamine while already high on 2C-B. This seems to provide a "bridge" between the ego or identity, and a state that is ego-less and without limitations." "I've found Ketamine to combine best with 2C-B This produces an enhanced K journey as well as reducing the negative effects during the recovery period. Limited experimentation with some rare synthetic phenethylamines, including 2CT7, 2CT2, and DOB, have also produced good results. I find no enhancement of the K journey when combining it with ecstasy, however, this does reduce the discomfort of the recovery period. Combining K with LSD produces an enhanced K journey, however the recovery period can be a serious drag."[26]


2C-B combined with MDMA is known as nexus flipping or honey flipping.

Alexander Shulgin: "Many of the reports that have come in over the years have mentioned the combination of MDMA and 2C-B. The most successful reports have followed a program in which the two drugs are not used at the same time, nor even too closely spaced. It appears that the optimum time for the 2C-B is at, or just before, the final baseline recovery of the MDMA. It is as if the mental and emotional discoveries can be mobilized, and something done about them. This combination has several enthusiastic advocates in the psychotherapy world, and should be the basis of careful research when these materials become legal, and accepted by the medical community."[27]

Dangerous interactions

A useful chart from which can be used to identify dangerous drug combinations quickly and easily.

The combos in this section is used to list cut drugs, drugs used to incapacitate victims, or even kill people. Never use them!

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