Vaporizing material with aluminium foil

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  1. Cut a 4:3 rectangle of foil.
  2. Score in half horizontally.
  3. Bend sheet into a U shape.
  4. Line up an arbitrary volume at one end rather than forming a pile, so it heats evenly.
  5. Place the lighter on a low setting and stick a fairly wide straw in your mouth. In this instance, I wrapped foil around a scalpel handle (about an inch in diameter) then taped it into a cylinder. Keep the flame and tube in the same position while moving the foil at a 45 degree angle as the material melts and vaporises.
  6. keep the tube close to the trailing end of the material as to avoid losing the vapour

Also, it is a good idea to burn both sides of the foil before use in case they are covered with any residue during production