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Reality tests are defined as the various techniques to employ as an accountability measure for stabilizing novel states of consciousness with the experience of everyday sobriety. Reality tests exist in opposition to the exploration of systems of meaning. This page lists and describes the various reality testing techniques which can aid psychological stability under the influence of psychoactive compounds.

Photographic evidence

Main article: Photographic evidence

Photographic evidence is a reality testing technique that reinforces the distinction of self and other.

Hallucinogen users currently undergoing visual hallucinations can notice a distinction between viewing an object directly with their eyes as opposed to viewing an object through a camera's lense. The distinction arises based on the mental differences in interpreting physical distance. This technique is similar in manner to the visually impaired using a camera in lieu of glasses.

It is possible this technique is related to the perceived difficulty of using technology while undergoing a psychedelic trip.

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