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Actuation of a nasal spray bottle, used to deliver medication via the nostrils
A nasal irrigator can be used after insufflation to clean the sinuses of any impurities in the drug solution.

Methamphetamine is the exemplary compound for this tutorial and is very soluble in water. While this guide applies to all substances for which volumetric liquid dosing is desired, different solvents are required for different solutions. Here is a guide to create your own.

First of all you need a spray bottle. You can either buy an empty, easily refillable product or a salt solution spray. If you choose the second choice, the bottle will most likely not have a screw cap, so you should check if the cap is removable at all. If so, the easiest way to open it is to use a standard bottle opener.

If you have an open spray bottle, empty it if it is not empty yet and fill it with a measured amount of water (e.g. 10mL). Place the lid back and count how many spray cans you can take out of it until it is empty. Repeat this step and use the average for a more accurate dosage.

Two types are available for the solution and an optional supplement. You could make (1) a solution with only meth or (2) a solution with meth and some salt. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Optionally you can add a sweetener like sorbitol to make it taste better (500 mg sorbitol would be sufficient for 10 mL solution).


  1. The lack of salt produces a favourable osmotic pressure, which leads to a higher absorption.
  2. The salt acts as a decongestant, so you don't have a stuffy nose.

You have a choice. If you add salt, never add more than 9mg / mL. Only 4mg/mL can be recommended to reduce its influence on the absorption rate (bioavailability).

All decisions made, except one, your dosage. Especially for the first time not doing much solution is recommended, as you may not like the method and it is difficult to get the meth out again.

Suppose you used 10mL to determine the number of sprays and made 90 sprays out of it. A simple calculation (10 / 90) would tell you that each spray consists of 0.111mL. Meth is freely soluble in water, so you don't have to worry that it won't dissolve if you add too much, but you just have to decide what dose you want. Dissolving 1 gram of meth would give you 100mg / mL and 11.11mg per spray. 1.5g meth > 16.67mg /spray and so on.

To make the solution, boil some water and allow it to cool. Add the desired ingredients and amounts selected from the above description to the empty bottle and add the desired amount of distilled water. Add the cap and shake it for a while to mix well. Always shake before use to get the best results.

Nasal irrigator

A nasal irrigator can be used about an hour after snorting to clear the sinus passages of any impurities. Reports of black impurities exiting the sinus cavities upon irrigation are common when using a cotton filter, which suggests that cotton may not be the best-suited filter.

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