Experience:Gabapentin (2100mg, Oral) - 2100mg of Gabapentin

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Experience reports - Gabapentin

  • Age: 19
  • Sex: M
  • Height: 5'9" / 175cm
  • Weight: 260lb / 118kg
  • Date: 03/21/21 12:14am


I dont edit the triplog I make after I wake up as in adding or deleting context

all I do is add the links and correct spelling

all the effects at the bottom were experienced whether they were in the log or not

Report & Timeline



03 / 21 / 21


Was going to go to sleep but I figured I would add that

I feel great (very relaxed maybe even sedated) and my eyes have already dilated, they started to within 10 minutes if I remember correctly.

Might even take a bit more.


Few minutes later, took another 600mg


Starting to feel dizzy ( not bad, its a feeling I enjoy )

I feel pretty much weightless and amazing

The effects are definitely similar to that of cannabis and alcohol ( Mixed or seperate )


Went to use the bathroom and noticed the walls morph like they have a texture, hard to explain and very subtle also having very slight open eye hallucinations ( Level 2? )

time to go lay down and enjoy the rest of this trip.

Definitely going to have to try with cannabis next time!


To be completely honest, the gabapentin really made me open my eyes to how much I mean to people and how many people I have in my life that I really can rely on and trust, all and all an amazing experience!

over the night while I was laying down nothing much else happened, the hallucinations ( open and closed eye ) just became more apparent.

Submitted by - UNIVERSAL ACE

Effects analysis

  • Dizziness - "Spinning world"
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Sedation (Lvl 2.5-3) - "After laying down in my bed I just melted into my bed and did not want to move at all"
  • Pain relief - "I have incredible back and knee pain, while high, completely unnoticeable."
  • Muscle twitching - "Not bad at all, just kept moving and twitching my leg"
  • Internal hallucination (Lvl 2?) - "When closing my eyes, I noticed very vague fractals and colors. Still not sure of the level cause hallucinations are new to me."
  • External hallucination (Lvl 2?) - "Simple morphing of the world around me as stated before. Still not sure of the level cause hallucinations are new to me."