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Oneirogen describes a wide array of psychoactive plants and chemicals ranging from normal dream enhancers to intense dissociative or deliriant drugs. When taken at oneirogenic dosages an hour or two before bed, these compounds are said to have little to no effect on waking consciousness, and will not exhibit their effects until the user falls into a natural sleep state.

Many dream-enhancing plants such as dream herb (Calea zacatechichi) and African dream herb (Entada rheedii) as well as the hallucinogenic Diviner's Sage (Salvia divinorum) have been used for thousands of years in a form of divination through dreams called oneiromancy in which practitioners seek to receive psychic or prophetic information during dream states. Effects experienced with the use of oneirogens may include microsleep, hypnagogia, fugue states, REM, hypnic jerks, lucid dreams, and even out-of-body experiences.

Oneironautics refers to the study of oneirogens.


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